Why are car catalysts worth so much?

Catalysts alone do not cost much if one thing is not taken into account. The design of this item costs no more than 150 USD for a best matrix and best metal. But main price is precious spraying, which includes platinum, white gold and many other dredges, metals that are oxidized, evaporated and mixed with exhaust gases during heating, eventually converting them into harmless gases. If not for this spraying, then any driver could afford to buy a new fresh catalyst. Unfortunately, the value of a brand and company that sells the product is still wound up on a production cost of a catalyst. As a result, such spare parts are very expensive, which of course affects the demand for this product.

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How to choose a catalyst? Should one buy expensive or cheap? You must always choose a catalyst for a car engine. The more powerful the engine, the better the catalyst should stand, for example, if you have Solaris, Focus, Fabia, then catalyst can be supplied just good, from Magnaflow, Emitek, Bosal and other companies that have successfully established themselves in exhaust system market as companies producing high-quality and durable products for medium power motors. Their cost starts from 450 USD. If your car is expensive, for example, X6 or Escallide, Q7, then the catalyst must be installed well, again Magnaflow, Emitec will do, but it is better to install HJS, Vibrant, Fabspeed. The price depends entirely on what kind of engine you have and what kind of car you have. The catalyst must always be installed in accordance with the engine. If you have an engine up to 3.0 liters, then Bosal, Magnaflow, Emitec, Walker, AWG, Mg-race are perfect. If your engines are more powerful, then you need to install have to be durable and with higher throughput, such as HJS, Vibrant, Fabspeed.

Let us talk more about the cost of used catalysts and for what reason it differs. Cost depends on the amount of precious metals in various catalyst types.

The cost of a used item is determined by the marking on housing. It also depends on indicators such as region of production, type of converter. Depending on value of precious metals on cost may fluctuate. Usually recycling companies accept all types of catalysts, from any car brands, all types of industrial catalysts!

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The average pricing for some general brands of used catalysts is the following:

1. Audi 2 EO 188 BB - from 10 to 250 USD per kilogram

2. Alfa Romeo 60608727 Benz - from 8 to 250 USD per kilogram

3. Mercedes KT 1132 Diesel - from 8 to 250 USD per kilogram

4. BMW (8509243) DPF - from 8 to 250 USD per kilogram

5. Fiat 2.2 HDI Diesel - from 10 to 300 USD per kilogram

6. Daihatsu 6 (87705) Benz - from 8 to 220 USD

7. Ford diesel - from 6 to 200 USD per kilogram

8. VolksWagen VW DPF - from 10 to 250 USD per kilogram

9. Nissan - from 15 to 300 USD per kilogram

10. Chrysler (200 850 72833) Diesel - from 10 to 250 USD per kilogram

11. Opel Opel GM from 10 to 300 USD per kilogram

12. Mitsubishi Mitsubishi benz - from 10 to 250 USD per kilogram

13. Renault Diesel - from 10 to 250 USD per kilogram

14. Volvo (6649 6842941 P01) Benz - from 12 to 230 USD per kilogram

15. Peugeot Diesel K201 - from 15 to 280 USD per kilogram

16. Mazda (BJF 16F20 Kat Filtr) Diesel - from 15 to 300 USD per kilogram

17. Jaguar (AG) - from 15 to 300 USD per kilogram

18. KIA Benz - from 10 to 250 USD per kilogram

20. Land Rover - from 10 to 220 USD per kilogram

21. Hyundai - from 10 to 250 USD per kilogram

22. Toyota - from 10 to 280 USD per kilogram

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Ceramic type

Most precious metals are contained in catalysts from German cars, such as Opel, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen. The cost will be approximately 120% of the average, but it must be kept in mind that the catalyst from cars introduced after 2000 will differ significantly in price from the same, but removed from a car manufactured before 1997.

The next in the price range are Japanese cars - Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Honda. Their cost ranges from 75% to 110 percent, then French automakers with the cost of their catalyst of 70-95% of the nominal. Then American cars - 60-90%, and "Koreans" - 60-85%. The cheapest used catalysts are obtained from Russian-made cars, unless, of course, this is not an export option.

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Metal type

The cost of this type is much lower than ceramic (almost 2.5 times). Although new metal catalysts are more expensive than ceramic ones, precious metals are of smaller quantity. It is also taken into account that processing of such a truck is a more laborious and costly process. If the old catalyst in a tank is on sale, then its price is determined by corresponding marking on the case. The final cost of used catalyst is calculated after spectral, chemical analysis, only in this way, you can determine the exact content of precious metals.

The high cost of used catalysts is explained by the fact that precious and rare metals of palladium and platinum groups, such as palladium, platinum, rhodium, are used for their production. We offer car repair companies and other law firms mutually beneficial, ongoing cooperation on the purchase of catalysts on a contractual basis.

According to value, catalysts are divided into two types: in the first, in composition there is more platinum, and in the other - palladium. A large amount of platinum is present in diesel engines, and Euro-2 cars from 300-1000 μg / g, palladium (200 to 800 μg / g), rhodium (50-100 mg / kg) - in Euro 4 and Euro 5.

Platinum-palladium catalysts with iridium additives for gasoline engines are installed in German-made cars and from the UK.