Every car catalyst is a container in which two connecting pipes are built. Usually, it also contains a miniature ceramic honeycomb with a catalytic layer applied. The high price of a catalyst is explained by the fact that this coating is made on the basis of precious metals. Exhaust gases can clog honeycombs with carbon deposits and soot, impairing the permeability of a catalyst.

It is important to take care of car catalysts in advance, but many vehicle owners consider if it is possible to wash catalyst without taking off or cutting it off.

Cleaning your vehicle's catalytic converter can be beneficial and extend its life in the following situations:

  • If manipulation is carried out for prevention purposes, that is, before any problems appear.

  • If there is no damage in cells, and soot is simply packed there.

  • If the catalyst structure has not been melted due to the use of leaded gasoline.

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How to identify an urgent catalyst cleaning need?

There are some signs which tell about the possible need to wash catalytic converter. Before you flush the catalyst, you need to make sure that it needs it. The following signs can confirm clogging:

  • motor power decreases;

  • fuel warning indicators, on the contrary, are increasing;

  • some difficulties are observed when starting the engine;

  • the motor can stop at idle;

  • in vehicles that are equipped with a pair of lambda sensors, a special indicator with the inscription Check Engine indicates the presence of a problem. Electronic equipment identifies the degradation of a catalyst and reflects one or another error.

To properly wash your car catalytic converter, you need not miss the moment when the ceramic filling has not yet completely deteriorated.

Therefore, the part must be washed in advance, before the first problems arise. This procedure does not involve much effort and material costs less than purchasing a new item by the vehicle owner.

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Options for washing the catalytic converter:

  • preventive cleaning with detergent;

  • multiple flushing;

  • mechanical cleaning.

Preventive washing, as a rule, is carried out with a mileage of 70 - 80 thousand km. This method allows you to do the procedure without dismantling the catalyst.

Multiple flushing is used to clean a heavily soiled element. In order to clean the catalyst in this way, you will need to disassemble part of the vehicle's exhaust system.

Mechanical cleaning is carried out using a compressor and a brush. This type of catalyst cleaning is also performed on the dismantled section of the catalyst.

The need for mechanical cleaning arises when it is not possible to remove contamination by flushing the part.

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When will catalyst washing help?

Now let's talk about how to flush a catalyst on a diesel or gasoline engine. First, there are a few cases where the washing procedure really helps. If cleaning is carried out for preventive purposes, and not after the appearance of problems with the catalyst.

In the absence of damage to the honeycomb cleaning without dismantling is recommended.

Catalyst cleaning is allowed if combs are a little clogged. This means that the element is in the initial stage of wear. If there is no fusion of the ceramic structures of the element and none of the three cases suits you, you will have to install a new catalyst. Cleaning won't help.

After using the liquid cleaner without removing the catalyst from a car, the following positive changes are observed in various vehicle systems:

  • carbon deposits are removed;

  • engine power increases;

  • reduced fuel consumption;

  • reduced toxicity of exhaust gases;

  • increased fuel knock is eliminated.

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All these transformations are possible only when the professional cleaning of the catalyst is carried out. It Is better to follow detailed instructions for the use of the liquid washer.

Cleaning the vehicle catalyst with the liquid cleaner will only be successful if the following conditions are met:

  • Fill the gas tank 1/3 full.

  • Pour Hi-Gear cleaner into the gas tank.

  • Fill the tank up to 100%.

  • Operate the car until the full volume of fuel is used up.

Take a look at your car and its parts to prevent problems and expensive repair procedures. There Is no need to consider long and complicated maintenance activities.

If, after adding the additive to gasoline, it was not possible to restore the catalyst's performance, then you cannot do without disassembling the exhaust system of a car.

Get your own catalyst cleaning experience and enjoy great results without too much work.