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KT 0271
Max price for 6 months: 171 CAD
KT 0271
A1644901136 / A2124900336 / A2514901336
Car brands:
Car description:
Mercedes-Benz R-Class (W251) R 350 3.5 (272 hp / 200 kw) / Mercedes Benz GL-Class 500 X164 Mercedes Benz ML-Class (W164)
Year of car:
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Body metal:
Lambda sensors:
Sensor location:
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Do you need to sell the KT 0271 catalyst by the price of which is acceptable?

The KT 0271 catalyst is suitable for the specified car model Mercedes-Benz GL-500, Mercedes-Benz R-Class, ML-Class and others, where this engine is used.

  • The car year: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.
  • Detail is designated by the catalyst manufacturer Eberspächer.
  • The catalytic converter with the given original number: A1644901136 / A2124900336 / A2514901336.
  • Monolith type: Ceramic.

What to do with the old catalytic converter?

Many people who do not understand catalysts believe that they simply do not need their used catalytic converter, which is out of order, and sell it for nothing. This is a very serious mistake, because sometimes the catalytic converter price can be not just large, but very large, and all because there are valuable materials inside the catalyst that are very expensive. For example, in any old catalyst, there are materials such as palladium or rhodium, and it is they that form the catalytic converter scrap price. Therefore, if there is an old catalyst at home that is no longer required or simply not suitable, then it can be sold very profitably. Firstly, you need to find out the exact and current price of catalysts. Also, do not forget that there are a huge number of companies that are engaged in catalytic converter recycling. You need to find out what are the current prices for the processing of catalysts, and if the price is adequate, then you can recycle your catalyst. After the catalyst is processed, a person receives all the valuable materials, and then sells them and gets a very good profit.

What are the known new models of catalysts?

Many models of catalysts are now becoming more advanced and more environmentally efficient. And the thing is that there are more and more cars in the world, and to clean up harmful emissions as best as possible, developers come up with new models of catalysts. It is worth saying that now there are only three main types of catalysts that are the main ones in all markets. The first is metal, the second is ceramic, and the last is the particulate filters of catalysts. It is these three types of catalysts that are installed in all cars, but it is worth saying that sometimes not every catalyst can be suitable for a particular car. Therefore, when buying, each catalytic converter buyers will find out the type of catalyst so as not to make a mistake with the choice.

Where to find the article on the KT 0271 catalytic converter

When buying any product, need to understand what it is and why you should buy this particular product and not another. And the article helps to cope with this, which can tell a lot of useful information about the product. When buying or selling a catalytic converter, a person can find this article on the product, but where to look for it on the catalyst, and the answer is simple. If the purchase takes place on the Internet, then the article will most likely be located near the name of the catalyst. But if the purchase takes place in real life, then, most likely, the article will be on the catalyst itself, as well as on any other product. With the help of this part, you can find out not only the scrap catalytic converters price but also what size it is and whether it will be compatible with a particular engine.

Which engine family is used for new catalysts

Catalysts work in different cars and with different engines, and this must be taken into account. When choosing a catalyst, look for it to be suitable for compatibility with the engine that is in the car. For example, particulate catalysts are mainly found in cars that run on diesel. And this is very important because when choosing, for example, a ceramic catalyst, need to seriously consider everything. After all, this catalyst is very rarely used anywhere.

How to calculate the Mercedes A1644901136 / A2124900336 / A2514901336 catalytic converter scrap price

To accurately calculate the catalytic converter value, inspect and take into account almost all factors to reliably indicate the current price. The thing is that catalytic converter scrap can be completely different, and it can be difficult to calculate its exact cost due to a lack of information. And therefore, firstly, go to sites selling catalysts and look at the current price at the moment so as not to miscalculate the cost of your catalyst.

The History and Model Range of the Mercedes GL 500

The Mercedes GL 500 is a luxurious and powerful SUV that seamlessly combines spaciousness, versatility, and exhilarating performance. Under the hood, the GL 500 boasts a robust and potent engine that delivers impressive power and acceleration. The V8 engine combines performance with efficiency, providing a thrilling driving experience both on highways and off-road adventures.

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