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Catalytic Converter Recycling

The environment is constantly being affected by human activity, and this issue has become particularly acute with the development of the automobile industry. Catalytic converters, also known as catalysts or simply cats, serve to protect the environment from exhaust gases and are now part of every modern vehicle in accordance with environmental requirements.

Catalysts also have a service life, which is usually measured in the average mileage of the car and varies between 100-200 thousand kilometers. This variability depends on many factors, such as fuel quality and vehicle operating conditions. But even a worn neutralizer has its value, and how to benefit from it by recycling will be discussed in this article.

Catalyst Device

Before proceeding to recycling itself, it is essential to understand the device and its operational principles, because this is where the estimated value lies. Invented in the 70s of the last century, the device of catalysts has not been fundamentally changed.

  • The outer casing made of steel serves as a protective shell for the internal components
  • Inlet and outlet connections
  • Sensors for exhaust control
  • Monolith is made in the shape of honeycombs and represented by through cells with a sputtering catalytic layer. Platinum group of metals: Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium serve as chemical elements for redox reactions to neutralize the exhaust.
  • Thermal casing insulation from the filler

Catalytic Converter value dependencies

The gases pass through the exhaust manifold and onto the honeycomb cells, where each cell is coated with a catalytic layer. The catalytic layer of cells made of precious platinum group metals splits carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into water and carbon dioxide by redox processes. These very metals: Platinum Palladium and Rhodium are the main value of a used cat. Now let us see how catalytic converter prices estimate.

Euro standards and car catalytic price

In a modern car, the presence of a catalytic converter is mandatory, and the technological equipment is made according to EURO standards. The Euro-3 standard was developed in 1999. Starting from there it was adopted, and both imported and domestically manufactured cars had to comply with it. Currently, catalytic converters are produced according to the standards from Euro-3 to Euro-6. As the standard increases, the car catalyst becomes more efficient and the car catalytic converter replacement price rises accordingly due to more Platinum Palladium and Rhodium being put inside. Knowing the price of a used cat you can save money on purchasing a new one. Despite the Euro standards, and the replacement cost, used catalytic converter prices entirely depend on the precious metals' quantity in honeycombs. This now leads us to full recycling measures including material extraction, analysis, and refinery. However, you can already find out the best price for catalytic converters usingAutoCatalysMarket

Recycling stages

The catalysts are delivered to the recycling center in the form of a complete structure or a honeycomb monolith. If we are dealing with a whole device, the first step is to extract the ceramic core monolith using a cutting station with hydraulic knives. The ceramic core is collected for further recycling, while the body and shell elements are going for scrap.


In the initial processing stage, the honeycomb is placed in a centrifuge to be ground to powder and homogenized. The material is weighed, and a sample is taken and compressed into a tablet suitable for an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Then, the resulting material is placed into a spectral analyzer, where the quantitative content percentage of Platinum Palladium and Rhodium is detected within a minute. After that, the precious metal content is calculated in relation to the total weight of the material to derive a preliminary grade.

Refining catalytic converter

Crushing, analyzing, and weighing are not enough to give a final estimate of value, but a refining process must also be carried out to extract the precious metal from the material. Thus, the entire batch of material is sent to the catalytic converter refinery where all the precious metal it contains will be recovered by electrolysis, leaching, and plasma furnace (Inductive Coupled Plasma machine) treatment. 90% of this raw material will be reused in the production of automotive catalysts and the remaining 10% can be used in medicine or jewelry industry.

Exact price

Having gone through the full processing cycle from monolith extraction, grinding, and spectral analysis to refining, we received the pure precious metals. The price of each individual element varies with its volatility on the precious metals exchange, which is how the final price is established. This is how you get your payment. You can also check out the price of your worn cat on the AutoCatalystMarket website using the serial number and also find an offer by changing the region in the catalytic converterrefinery near me section.

Used Cat utility

We now know that the value of a used catalytic converter lies in the precious metal content of the catalytic layer in its honeycomb grid. Once you get a preliminary estimate after spectral analysis and the final value after the toll refining facility, taking into account the precious metal market, you can realize how much you can make on your used unit. Therefore, recycling your catalyst is a better way to utilize it than simple disposal. You can find out the final price by entering the serial number on the AutoCatalystMarket website, and find a recycler near you in the BUYERS section. Thanks to the site, you don't need to search for a recycling center and buyers on your own, all the information you need is now available in one convenient  place . Buyers will pick your used cat up themselves, carry out all the necessary operations, and give you the final offer and payment.

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