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Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices from All Manufacturers - Jul 24, 2024

  • Used Diesel catalytic converter: 11 USD2116 USD
  • Used Gasoline catalytic converter: 10 USD749 USD
  • Used Hybrid catalytic converter: 12 USD259 USD
  • Used Ceramic catalytic converter: 10 USD2116 USD
  • Used Metal catalytic converter: 11 USD249 USD
  • Used DPF catalytic converter: 11 USD1636 USD

Used Catalytic Converter by All Manufacturers

A car catalytic converter is an essential part of any car these days. Caring about environmental pollution has become commonplace where this part of a car’s engine serves a great job. Like any other spare part, converters have a shelf life, and their lifetime is measured by vehicles’ mileage. On average, a “cat” serves from 100 to 150 thousand miles if utilized properly. Early wear of the catalytic converter can occur due to both engine malfunctions and bad gas quality use and people often just get rid of them as waste because they have no idea of their value. Today, we will explain how you can evaluate and sell a used catalytic converter from all manufacturers.

How to Calculate the Value of Used Catalyst from Different Companies (Manufacturers)?

Catalytic converter value lies in the elements it contains. The main catalyst part is a honeycomb filler into which the exhaust gases fall from the manifold. Passing this section redox reactions occur leading to nitrogen oxides transforming to inert gas and carbon monoxide becomes carbon dioxide. Filled in a honeycomb grid Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium are the catalytic elements here that boost chemical reactions turning toxic substances into harmless ones. It is essential to understand, that Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium are the one and only main factor that form the price of a used catalytic converter.

Scrap Catalytic Converter

Many people think that used catalysts are repairable and can be installed on other cars eventually, but this is not the case. All the value lies precisely in the precious metals contained within – Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium which are certainly the value.

To sell the worn “cat”, you need to sell scrap catalytic converter to buyer’s companies. You can find out the price for your used converter on AutoCatalystMarket website. You can also find addresses and phones from our convenient nearby buyers list by selecting your region.

Besides, AutoCatalystMarket has both B2C and B2B frameworks for customers and buyer’s companies.

Price Approximation Dependencies

People often believe that the vehicle manufacturer also controls the price of their converters. Vehicle companies either produce their own catalysts or collaborate with third-party major manufacturers instead. The manufacture of OEM catalysts is pretty much non-existent for such big auto brands. The selling price of new car catalysts has nothing to do with the price of used catalysts. Once again, all the value lies in contained precious metals, specifically Rhodium, Palladium, and Platinum.

Various drivers think that they can get more profit if, let's say, their vehicle is of a premium class. For instance, if a driver is operating an Aston Martin he might get more profit from the catalyst. However, this is not always true. For the most part, the car brand, its mileage, how powerful the engine is, and other factors can impact the final condition of the catalyst. Therefore, the amount of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium inside the used catalytic converter can be lower than expected. Thus, the final price of the used catalytic converter can be affected.

The exact price can be found in the AutoCatalystMarket by the serial number.

How To Find Out The Catalysts Scrap Price?

  • To find out an accurate price, you need to perform a specific analysis with the help of a catalytic converter recycling buyer’s company.
  • Another factor of price regulation besides the mentioned is associated with the precious metals trading platform volatility, which also has to be considered.

Sometimes, you may have not the catalytic converters, but the disassembled material from the casings themselves.

  1. To determine the price of this material, an XRF spectral analysis needs to be conducted. It reveals the percentage of precious metals in the catalytic converter.
  2. Afterward, you multiply this percentage by the market price of these metals.
  3. Then, you will determine the material of the catalytic converter price per kg.
  4. Next, you weigh this material, and you obtain the final price.

Buyers also purchase this material not only in the form of catalytic converters but also as raw material.


It is very convenient to find out the actual prices for all the “cat” models on AutoCatalysMarket which are always changing due to the precious metals markets. As we have already mentioned above, an ultimate valuation to sell catalytic converters lies in the precious metals capacity and their price volatility on the metals exchange Marketplace.

Therefore, every catalyst net worth is different. This net worth can be found by either performing an XRF analysis or by a simple search on the AutoCatalysMarket.

Catalytic recycle is a much better option than simply throwing your used cat away. Hence, finding buyers near you to sell them a used catalytic converter is one of the best ways to utilize your used device.

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