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C 478N
C 478N
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Nissan Terrano 3 / Renault Duster 2.0
Max price for 6 months: ₹6097

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What to do with the old catalytic converter?

Every minute, a huge number of catalysts are being created that are becoming more effective in processing the harmful exhaust of cars, and they are created to reduce the amount of dirty air and help the environment. But the problem is that cars are becoming more and more powerful and they need new catalysts even more powerful. And some people believe that if the used catalytic converter is simply out of order, then it will no longer be needed and will not be able to be useful. So they either sell it for cheap or throw it away. Need to understand that the catalysts contain a huge amount of valuable materials that are very expensive. For example, there are materials such as palladium or rhodium, and it is they who build the catalytic converter scrap price. Therefore, the first thing to do is to check the catalytic converter price in the markets using the Internet or any other sources. Also, do not forget that there are companies that are engaged in catalytic converter recycling for a small amount. With the help of these companies, many people recycle their catalysts and get all the valuable materials from the catalyst and then sell them and make a good profit. With this approach, you can make a profit that will cover the costs several times over.

How to calculate the Nissan Terrano catalytic converter scrap price

To qualitatively calculate the catalytic converter value, it is necessary to take into account a huge number of factors that can be hidden from human eyes. Beginners and even experienced catalytic converter buyers can calculate the cost of a catalytic converter in days and weeks. All this is because there are a lot of these factors, and such a factor, for example, the size of the catalyst, can greatly affect the profit. This is because the larger the part itself, the more valuable materials that are very expensive will be in it. The condition of the catalyst also impacts, because if it is too badly damaged and the materials inside are influenced, then the price of it and its insides can drop several times. Therefore, if it was noticed that the catalyst was very badly damaged, then it is worth asking what happened to it and why it is in such a state. You also need to pay attention to the fact that the types of catalysts are different and the materials inside are also different. Therefore, if you choose the wrong type, then it may simply not fit the car, and this may even lead to damage. So pay attention to all factors because even the smallest detail that seems insignificant can lead to a fatal mistake.

What are the known new models of catalysts?

It has already happened that in our time, new catalysts are becoming more technologically advanced and more powerful with the help of which they process exhausts better. But there are still only three of them, the first type is metal, the second is ceramic, and the last is carbon black. They are installed in almost all cars in the world. For example, a diesel particulate catalyst is used in cars that use diesel as fuel. But a ceramic catalyst is unlikely to be able to work in such a car. The thing is that they have a different structure and, accordingly, materials inside. Therefore, when buying or selling a catalyst, ask and clarify what type of catalyst is being bought, because not only the price but also the operation of the catalyst in the car may depend on this.

Where to find the article on the catalytic converter

The article is a very important detail because it gives a lot of additional information that may be missing. Therefore, if the purchase of a catalyst takes place in real life, then it is worth looking for the article on its back side because it is often located there. If the purchase takes place on the Internet, then look for the article near the name of the catalyst model, if it is not there, then it should be in the product description. With it, you can get information, for example, about the exact weight of the catalyst, its size, or what materials are inside it. And this is very essential information that is worth attention because with its help you can calculate the cost of the catalyst.

Which engine family is used for new catalysts

The engine and catalytic converter are parts that work together almost constantly, so their compatibility is a critical factor to consider at all times. Because if a person has never bought or sold catalysts, then he will not be able to choose a catalyst that simply fits this or that engine. And it may be that not only the catalyst will break, but the whole car. Therefore, when buying or selling a catalyst, pay attention to what type of catalyst. Because if you buy, for example, a ceramic catalyst in a car that is refueled with a diesel engine, then there can be disastrous consequences.

The History and Model Range of the Nissan Terrano

The Nissan Terrano is a compact SUV that has been produced by Nissan since 1993. It has gone through several generations and updates, and its availability and specific features may vary across different markets. The most recent generation of the Nissan Terrano was introduced in 2013 and aimed to provide a versatile and capable SUV for both urban and off-road adventures. It featured a rugged and muscular design, with bold lines and a commanding presence on the road.

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