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Car description:
Ford / Mercury Villager Pre/ Nissan Quest Mini Vans.
Year of car:
1995 , 1996 , 1997 , 1998 , 1999 , 2000

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Nissan Quest catalytic converter scrap price and recycling

The Nissan company was sometimes going in for a rather new style and appearance. Nissan’s identity revolution continues to delight the automotive community. The company's models are slowly, but inexorably and consistently getting rid of the old style, from the usual and therefore ‘boring’ forms of yesterday. Nissan Quest is one of those cars. It is worth noting that the renovation trends have also touched mini-vans. This, as many drivers know, is one of the most conservative classes in terms of design. Typically, a minivan is made for a long time, rarely updated, and economic functionality is at the forefront of its creation. And only when the city car begins to look like an outspoken oldtimer, it is replaced with something similar in practicality. Design, again, is in the background. But this is the rule. And sometimes, although rarely, they please "both yours and ours" - they combine design delights with practicality so that they at least do not interfere with each other. Like the Nissan Quest. However, aside from the design innovations, technological progress does not stand still. The catalytic converter is one of the most important features of our everyday life, and sometimes people do not even know what is the catalyst.

Nissan Quest catalyst

The good old catalytic converter was developed way back in the days. However, it still remains one of the most crucial and important details of any modern car produced. The inside of the catalyst is rather complicated. There are several types of catalytic converters and there is an entire background behind how they operate. For instance, the role of the oxidation catalyst is to process poisonous carbon and hydrocarbons for steam, as well as water. It is used in compression-ignition engines. In turn, if we are talking about nitrogen oxides that remain, then a reduction catalyst is involved in their removal. Multifunctional catalysts are increasingly being used. They work in three ways since they eliminate all kinds of harmful components of the exhaust. Modern catalysts, such as the ones used in the Nissan Quest, can even eliminate up to 90% of the elements.

Used Nissan Quest catalytic converter cost and popularity among sellers

Each and every catalytic converter consists of a portion of valuable materials that are vital for the chemical process and emission reduction. Recent changes in the price history of those metals have raised significant attention to them. Nissan Quest catalytic converter scrap is valuable for plenty of recycling companies. Thus, sellers and dealers across the world are trying to get their hands on any type of catalytic converter.

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