Catalytic converters hold immense value in the automotive industry and environmental protection. These crucial components are integrated into a vehicle's exhaust system to reduce harmful emissions converting pollutants into harmless water and nitrogen. And this happens due to having Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium coated as a layer on the honeycomb core’s surface of the device. And that is why the value of catalytic converters extends beyond just emission reduction as these precious metals retain the value of even used catalytic converters with the recycling potential. These metals are in high demand in various industries, particularly the automotive and electronics sectors and there are companies interested in buying catalysts for that. Recycling used catalytic converters is an eco-friendly way to recover these valuable metals, reducing the need for environmentally damaging mining operations. Today we discuss how to evaluate used cat converters from the most expensive car brands via recycling and what tools are out there to make that easy way.

Cat price estimate

Catalyst repair is not a thing, hence they see no aftermarket and it can not be taken into consideration for the price estimation. Most car brands use third-party catalyst manufacturers to increase their own production and this is why the car make has no direct impact on catalytic price as well and it all comes down to the amount of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium contained within the catalytic converter. However, there are some car brands with expensive cat converters on the market due to OEM branding and car engine specifics that are unique.

Most expensive cats

Catalytic converters come in two distinct classes: standard and premium, with the latter being a very expensive option to replace. Exceptional vehicles such as Ferrari, Lamborgini, and Mustang typically fall under the premium category, boasting the most coveted catalysts as specified by their manufacturers.

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For a comprehensive evaluation of your catalytic converter, head to our Car Brands section. There, you can gauge the value of your device. Our scrap catalytic converter price list will provide invaluable insights into both the worth of your converter and its market demand.

How much can I get for the used cat?

To find out the exact price, you have to hand your converter over the number of catalyst recycling stages from scrapping to refinery. The whole process is comprehensive, but here are the main stages it goes by.

Catalytic recycling

To liberate the honeycomb monolith, we shed the metal casing and subject it to a thorough drying process. Following this, we grind the monolith core into a fine powder to procure a representative sample for forthcoming XRF analysis. This sample is meticulously pressed into a tablet, which is then introduced into a spectrometer for a precise assessment of its component percentages (PGMs). This step enables us to determine the scrap catalytic price per kilogram of the unprocessed material, providing the essential data for the next stage – Refinery.

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The refining process encompasses various techniques, including blast furnace treatment, leaching, and electrolysis, aimed at extracting precious group metals (PGMs) from the raw material. Once refined, these valuable metals are ready for reuse, contributing to sustainable resource management.

Catalyst application and exact price

Having traversed these stages, we successfully isolated the refined precious group metals (PGMs) from the original material. Our next step involves consulting the precious metal exchange to establish an accurate pricing scheme in alignment with market values. The trio of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium finds application in various sectors, notably medicine, and serves as vital components in the manufacturing of new catalytic converters.

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Sell used catalytic converter

Thankfully, you need not embark on these intricate processes independently. Instead, you can entrust your worn-out catalytic converter to knowledgeable buyers who will expertly manage the entire operation, streamlining the recycling and recovery of these valuable metals. These local deals can be found in your vicinity with the help of the AutoCatalystMarket website where all the necessary contact information is presented, as well as your catalyst specifications. You can get that valuable information by simply inserting its serial number in the search bar of the website.