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N3H1 + N3H2
Max price for 6 months: 7055 ZAR
N3H1 + N3H2
3G14 / 4G20 / 3G14 / N3H1 / N3H8 / 3D09
Car brands:
Car models:
Car description:
Mazda RX-8 1.3
Year of car:
Body metal:
Lambda sensors:
Sensor location:
Together with:

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Do you need a catalyst, the price of which is acceptable? The N3H1 + N3H2 catalyst is suitable for the specified car model Mazda RX-8, where this engine is used. The car year 2004 is designated by the catalyst manufacturer . The catalytic converter with the given number | 3G14 4G20 3G14 N3H1 has the corresponding monolith type Ceramic + Ceramic. The device from the car manufacturer Mazda is made in the quality working conditions of the country of manufacture. The specified price of the catalyst depends on the market value of its materials. And it can vary widely.
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