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About us is a unique resource where you can buy or sell catalytic converter, find out it's cost and other characteristics.

Our database contains more than 25 thousand catalysts and more than 50 thousand photographs. The catalog is constantly updated with new models, photographs and technical specifications that will useful for work.

Prices are calculated based on the content of precious metals in the catalyst.

The catalog provides an opportunity:
• Determine at a distance the cost of the catalyst by marking, without analysis for the composition of precious metals.
• Find out the price of the catalyst at today's price of platinum, palladium, and rhodium.
• Find buyers in your area to sell catalysts.

To sell a catalyst on our website:

1. Find serial number indicated on its body.
2. Enter this number in the search bar on our website.
3. Find out the real cost of the catalyst, depending on Pt, Pd, Rh quotes.
4. Sell it profitably to a buyer at the true price!

If you are a catalyst buying company, then we offer you to register in our catalog!

Your company will appear in the Buyers list for potential customers in your area (in the catalyst search results) if you have at least one active monthly subscription. In addition, a monthly subscription provides you with a customized web page to promote your business and easily get new clients!

To be displayed in the Buyers list, after registration your Buying company, you should have at least one active monthly subscription.

In order to attract the attention of site customers who are interested in catalyst prices for its subsequent sale, we also recommend you improve the description of your Buying company.

You can edit this information in your Personal account (find it in the upper right corner) in the section “Buyer“ / “Information“.

You should add the company logo, company photos, company description, and any written content or design material you may want to display.

If your company’s work is spread over several regions, please add each region using the “Add Country” button to get more customers.

The cost of the catalyst is based on the utilization price:

The number of pt/pd/rh precious metals is multiplied by the cost of metals (taken from the Kitco exchange) and by the monolith weight. Then from the price are deducted:
• manufacturing recycling costs;
• 1% moisture;
• losses during metal refining;
• logistics costs.

Our site provides a catalog of catalyst prices, which are formed after refining by processing plants. All catalyst prices change daily, depending on the metal exchange.

Buyers in each country/region announce their purchase price based on our catalog prices with a deduction of about 5%-30%, depending on the market situation and on the batch size.

The Plan allows you to access Catalyst Prices. After the Price is opened, it is available for 7 days and is updated once a day in accordance with the changes in prices for precious metals.

Knowing the real cost of the catalyst, you can sell it at the true price!

You can use purchased price views on different platforms, such as our website or mobile apps on AppStore and Google Play. To do this, you need to sign in to the account where the Tariff Plan was purchased.

On the "Catalyst Details" page, it is possible to add this catalyst to the Lists (by clicking on the "Add to Lists" button), as well as create any number of new Lists.

You can view all your Lists in your Account Profile. They are necessary in order to:
• get fast and orderly access to the catalysts you need;
• put down "Quantity" for each catalyst in the list;
• recalculate and fix the catalysts prices for the date you need;
• provide statistical links to lists to your clients;
• export lists to Excel;
• manage your lists (change the default list).

If you subscribed on the website, you can cancel your Plan on the Site directly in your Account Profile (on the Billing info tab). Click on the Cancel button under your Current plan(s), and then confirm the cancellation.

If you subscribed through the App Store mobile application, you can Cancel your Plan in the device Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions.

If you subscribed through the Google Play mobile application, you can Cancel your Plan in the Google Play app > Subscriptions.

The promo code provides access to free views of catalyst prices on our website.

To apply a promo code, you need to go to the Promo codes tab in your Account Profile, enter it in the appropriate field and click on the "Apply" button.

To receive a promo code, you need to subscribe to an email newsletter, as well as to our page on social networks (link is in the website footer), and participate in a promo code draw among subscribers.

A registered user can send us the catalyst photos and receive free price views for this.

The functionality of sending a photo is available on the catalyst page that has no photos (or their number is insignificant).
It is necessary to click on the "Send photo" button, upload the catalyst photos, and then click on the "Send" button.
After approving and posting your photos on the catalyst page, you will receive 5 price views on your balance.

Required foreshortenings:
• General view from above.
• Side view.
• Photo of the code (serial number).
• Photo of the catalyst entrance and exit.

To turn off SMS or e-mail sending, please go to the Edit Information screen at your Account Profile. Then move the appropriate switches to the green position and click the Save changes button.

About catalyc convertors

A catalytic converter, also called a car catalyst, is an additional device that is introduced into the engine to reduce toxicity.

Its primary purpose is to oxidize toxic compounds contained in exhaust gases.

A catalytic converter is an integral part of the exhaust system of a vehicle. It is a rather valuable and important detail.

A catalyst is an element of an engine exhaust system designed to clean exhaust gases before they are released into the atmosphere. The need to develop this automobile motor assembly arose in 60s of the last century, when the world community was concerned about the state of ecology on our planet. Catalytic converter helps to reduce the percentage of harmful substances in exhaust fumes. These include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.

Today, vehicles are equipped with catalysts, which are made of noble metals. When the engine is running, exhaust gas heat up the catalytic converter. The temperature of catalyst becomes quite high. As a result, noble metals burn out harmful substances, percentage of which decreases.

• Long way to start.
• Car power reduction and acceleration.
• Rattling sound coming from vehicle beneath.
• Reduced fuel efficiency. With a faulty system, fuel consumption may be less profitable than before.
• Your car starts to consume oil faster.
• The dashboard gives a Check Engine signal about a possible malfunction of the detail.
• Smell of burning from the engine compartment.
• Gas smell. If you smell gas inside, this may be a sign of problems with catalytic converter.

• Use of poor quality fuel. Most often it is with a low octane rating.
• Mechanical damage to catalytic converter.
• Incorrect operation of ignition system (misfire).
• Thermal shock. Instant cooling of a hot catalyst while overcoming a puddle, for example, can cause cracks in ceramic element.
• Incorrect air-fuel mixture caused, for example, by a malfunction of oxygen sensor.
• Adding additives to gas. Cocktails from unverified manufacturers or impaired concentration can increase combustion temperature.

In case the situation has gone bad, do not wait long to minimize expenses to repair. At the first symptoms of a clogged catalyst contact a service station for a quality diagnosis. Get rid of your old catalyst and get paid for It!

The cost of a new catalyst is influenced by a number of factors, which should be considered:

• The price depends on which market a particular car was originally assembled. Better items are being delivered to European markets.
• The higher the class of a car, the better the catalyst.
• The longer the service life of a car, the less precious metals remain.
• Sports riding contributes to a more rapid "emptying" of a catalytic converter.
• Fuel. Some additives in fuel flush metals.
• Composition of precious metals in catalytic converters.

Production of catalytic converters is a rather expensive and complex process.
In addition, precious metal, as platinum is used as a chemical catalyst, which is able to withstand sulfur compounds.

For greater operational efficiency, palladium and rare-earth element rhodium is added to the platinum catalyst bed.

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