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Catalyst cost for different car brands

Why are car catalysts worth so much? Catalysts alone do not cost much if one thing is not taken into account. The design of this item costs no more than 150 USD for a best matrix and best metal. But main price is precious spraying, which includes platinum, white gold and many other dredges, metals that are oxidized, evaporated and mixed with exhaust gases during heating, eventually converting them into harmless gases. If not for this spraying, then any driver could afford to buy a new fresh catalyst. Unfortunately, the value of a brand and company that sells the product is still wound up on a production cost of a catalyst. As a result, such spare parts are very expensive, which of course affects the demand for this product. How to choose a catalyst? Should one buy expensive or cheap? You must always choose a catalyst for a car engine. The more powerful the engine, the better the catalyst should stand, for example, if you have Solaris, Focus, Fabia, then catalyst can be supplie

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Engine power change after catalyst cutting off

Catalyst in a car serves to reduce toxicity of exhaust exhaust gases from the engine, but exhaust system element is often clogged by slag and fails. Usually owners want to improve vehicle performance like increased power, aestheticization and drive quality. Power has been achieved with an installed crankshaft with an increased radius of a curved cylinder, as well as with a variable camshaft or adding a high octane rating to gasoline, removing catalyst. It must be dangerous to increase power through tuning exhaust system. But this is one of the most affordable and productive methods of increasing power. Before trying it, consider all pros and cons. Consult experts of the industry and specialized companies. They will select, and possibly even compatible types of tuning of exhaust system to obtain best vehicle performance. There Is also chip tuning process, which involves changing engine programs and increasing productivity by 20-30%! Removing catalyst or replacing it with a f

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Keep the catalyst. Don't cut it off!

Nowadays in the vastness of network, you can find many tips where motorists offer their less experienced colleagues to cut off the catalyst on a car. It’s time to figure out why this element of design was so annoying for some drivers, and why in fact it should be left in its place. The first and most important thing why unfortunate catalyst is so annoying for many motorists is its cost. And everything because the catalyst uses expensive platinum. That is why few people want to spend huge amounts on replacing catalyst. As a result, many drivers simply decide to remove the part, and install a flame extinguisher on its place in the muffler. On the one hand, this move is cunning and even somewhat reasonable (a slight increase in power). If only because if nothing is done with problematic element immediately, then it will be worse. On the other hand, it’s better not to do this at all. Firstly, it is necessary to clarify a simple truth that a car without catalyst become

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Car catalyst functions and significance

Car catalyst is designed to neutralize harmful car exhausts and is part of exhaust system. A catalyst is an element of an engine exhaust system designed to clean exhaust gases before they are released into the atmosphere. The need to develop this automobile motor assembly arose in 60s of the last century, when the world community was concerned about the state of ecology on our planet. At that time, the level of emissions from automobile exhaust pipes was not established at legislative level. The first standards for content of toxic products in car emissions were introduced in 1970s. Auto producers were required to equip cars with devices that reduce volume of carbon monoxide and products of combustion of hydrocarbons. Since 1975, catalyst has become an indispensable part of all cars coming off the assembly line. Manufacturers install three types of catalysts on cars: Ceramic item use a mechanical method of cleaning exhaust gases. It consist of ceramic plates coated with

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