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Can catalytic converter damage engine

Catalyst is part of the exhaust system and is located in the immediate vicinity of a vehicle's exhaust manifold. Catalyst enters into that incandescent exhaust manifold, and after that, significantly slowed down, cooled and cleaned of harmful substances, it appears in a resonator and in a muffler. The principle of operation of a catalyst is based on chemical reactions that neutralize harmful emissions of nitrogen oxide, carbon, and all kinds of hydrocarbon groups. The main element of a catalyst is made in a form of a massive ceramic or metal block with small honeycombs, on walls of which precious metals are applied: an alloy of iridium and platinum, as well as rhodium and palladium. When touching chemically active surfaces, harmful compounds are burned and removed from the exhaust pipe in the form of harmless N2 and CO2. Platinum and palladium act as oxidants in a catalyst and greatly accelerate the combustion of hydrocarbons. The active element is placed in a metal casing and provi

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Can catalytic converter cause shaking

Very often, car owners are faced with the fact that vibration is felt in a car cabin, and often this is due to the exhaust system. Almost all cars have parts or connections that compensate for the vibrations of the engine, respectively so that they are not transmitted to the exhaust system and car body. This is either a damper connection or a muffler. Any inexperienced driver can easily identify a malfunction in the exhaust pipe, often associated with a catalyst. Signs of a clogged or destroyed catalyst malfunction The car does not start or stalls instantly. The catalyst indicates a complete breakdown. Solution: Unscrew oxygen sensor (located in front of the catalyst). Start the engine, if the car is working, then the catalyst barrel is faulty. It needs to be replaced with a new one or an analog. The car accelerates poorly and the engine picks up speed slowly. When driving, it seems that the car is being held from behind. So catalyst cells are partially clogged. Fuel

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Сlean catalytic converter without removing

  Every car catalyst is a container in which two connecting pipes are built. Usually, it also contains a miniature ceramic honeycomb with a catalytic layer applied. The high price of a catalyst is explained by the fact that this coating is made on the basis of precious metals. Exhaust gases can clog honeycombs with carbon deposits and soot, impairing the permeability of a catalyst. It is important to take care of car catalysts in advance, but many vehicle owners consider if it is possible to wash catalyst without taking off or cutting it off. Cleaning your vehicle's catalytic converter can be beneficial and extend its life in the following situations:   If manipulation is carried out for prevention purposes, that is, before any problems appear. If there is no damage in cells, and soot is simply packed there. If the catalyst structure has not been melted due to the use of leaded gasoline. How to identify an urgent catalyst cleaning need? There are s

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Catalyst cost for different car brands

Why are car catalysts worth so much? Catalysts alone do not cost much if one thing is not taken into account. The design of this item costs no more than 150 USD for a best matrix and best metal. But main price is precious spraying, which includes platinum, white gold and many other dredges, metals that are oxidized, evaporated and mixed with exhaust gases during heating, eventually converting them into harmless gases. If not for this spraying, then any driver could afford to buy a new fresh catalyst. Unfortunately, the value of a brand and company that sells the product is still wound up on a production cost of a catalyst. As a result, such spare parts are very expensive, which of course affects the demand for this product. How to choose a catalyst? Should one buy expensive or cheap? You must always choose a catalyst for a car engine. The more powerful the engine, the better the catalyst should stand, for example, if you have Solaris, Focus, Fabia, then catalyst can be supplie

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