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Ford Freestyle

Catalysts play a crucial role in combating environmental pollution, addressing the challenge of exhaust gas emissions that has persisted for a century. This necessity led to the mass production of catalytic converters (catalysts). The evolution of cleaning standards aligns with Euro-3 to Euro-6 quality levels. Nowadays, every vehicle must be equipped with a catalytic converter, regardless of exhaust system quality, driving habits, or fuel choice. However, over time, these converters inevitably wear out. On average, a Ford Freestyle covers 100-200 thousand kilometers before requiring attention. It's vital to recognize that even a used catalytic converter retains value in its composition. Before hastily discarding it, explore its contents further.

Catalytic converter value

While dismantling the exhausted catalytic converter, we observe a honeycomb grid structure concealed behind the metal casing. Each cell of this grid is adorned with a thin layer of precious metals belonging to the PGM – Platinum group, specifically Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. These elements constitute the catalytic layer, facilitating redox reactions that transform harmful substances into water and carbon dioxide. These chemical transformations occur under elevated temperature and pressure conditions, explaining the finite lifespan of catalytic converters. Although the converter itself may not find a second purpose, it is far from being waste, as it retains valuable precious metals. You can discover the worth of these metals in your Ford Freestyle “cat” at AutoCatalystMarket.

Catalytic converter price

It's crucial to dispel the misconception that a car's engine or manufacturer dictates catalytic price. The reality is quite different. Car manufacturers often collaborate with specific catalytic converter producers to meet production needs. Consequently, terms like OEM branding hold no sway over pricing. Engine power, too, doesn't correlate with converter prices, given the varying amounts of precious metals involved, the information you can gather at scrap catalytic converter facilities. Alternatively, you can estimate prices by inputting your catalyst's serial number into the search bar on AutoCatalystMarket.

Catalytic converter scrap price

Once you've dismantled a converter (catalyst), the next step is grinding its honeycombs into scrap. This scrap retains precious metals, having shed unnecessary components. This raw material holds value for Buyer companies in your vicinity. On the AutoCatalystMarket website, select your region, and you'll find all the details to reach out to a dealer. They are keen on purchasing raw materials to facilitate recycling, sparing you the effort. Operating with both B2B and B2C structures, they offer equitable prices for selling scrapped converters in your local area.

Catalytic converter recycling

The catalytic recycle process entails several crucial stages. First, a ground honeycomb sample undergoes spectral analysis to determine the percentages of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium present. This analysis unveils the catalytic converter price per kg of the material, providing a foundation for further actions. Next, the material is sent for refinement, separating raw elements from precious metals. This meticulous procedure yields pure Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. Fortunately, Buyers are willing to manage this process for you, and you can locate them conveniently on the AutoCatalystMarket website, complete with all the essential details. Once the deal is in place, these Buyers will come to your location to collect the worn catalytic converter for catalytic recycling processing.

Sell catalytic converter

AutoCatalystMarket provides a convenient avenue to determine the precise value, which aligns with the current rates of precious metals exchange. Each catalyst possesses a unique composition, discoverable through XRF analysis or by exploring AutoCatalystMarket's listings. Opting for this approach instead of discarding a worn “cat” is a wise choice. Locate a Buyer on the platform near you, set your used catalytic converter for sale, and they will collect it, streamlining the recycling process for your convenience. Unlock genuine profits by participating in the recycling of your used Ford Freestyle catalyst.

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