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Car description:
BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer F46 2.0d / BMW X1 F48 2.0D / BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (F45) 218 d (150 hp / 110 kw)
Year of car:
2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017
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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

Catalysts serve a purpose to combat environmental pollution. Emitting exhaust gases has become an issue for the last century. This led to the catalytic converter’s mass production eventually. The standards of cleaning have changed significantly and correspond to the quality of Euro-3 to Euro-6. Having a converter is mandatory now for each cat, but despite the quality of your exhaust system, car operation, and fuel to use, they eventually come to wear. On average, it takes about 100-200 thousand kilometers of BMW 2 Series Active Tourer mileage. It is important to realize that even a used catalytic converter (catalyst) is still of value in what it consists of. Do not rush to get rid and learn more about what it contains

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Catalytic converter value

During the disassembling of the worn catalyst we see the structure located behind the metal jacket appears in the form of a honeycomb grid, each cell of which is coated by a tiny layer of precious metals of the PGM – Platinum group: Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. These are the elements of a catalytic layer that serve to enhance redox reactions and convert harmful elements into water and carbon dioxide. Redox chemical reactions go under high-temperature conditions and pressure which is why catalysts have limited service life. Despite the converter itself is not going to see a second life it is not a waste yet, as precious metals are still inside which you can find the value of at AutoCatalystMarket.

Catalytic converter price estimation depends

There is a misconception about how a car's engine or manufacturer may imply catalytic price as this is far from the truth. Car manufacturers often come to the help of specified catalytic converter manufacturers to fulfill production demands. Thus, such a term as OEM branding does not exist, hence no price influence. Engine power has also nothing to do with its converter price, as there could be a variable amount of precious metals contained which you find out on scrap catalytic converter yards. Or you can approximate the price on AutoCatalystMarket by inserting your catalyst serial number into the search bar on the site.

Catalytic converter scrap price interest

After disassembling your BMW 2 series Active Tourer converter we need to grind its honeycombs into scrap. This scrap still contains precious metals and most of the unnecessary parts are gone. This raw material presents a value for Buyers companies that you can find near you by selecting your region on the AutoCatalystMarket website and all the necessary information will be shown to contact the dealer. They are interested in buying raw materials to complete the recycling process, and you do not have to do it on your own. They have B2B and B2C frameworks and fair prices to sell scrapped converters for the region you are located in.

Catalytic converter recycling stages for accuracy

A number of stages for each catalytic recycle has to be performed. A sample of a ground honeycomb would be taken to determine the percentage of contained Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium via spectral analysis. This analysis shows us a catalytic converter price per kg of material that we now can work with. Then we send the material to refine and separate the raw from precious metals. That way, we extract pure Platinum Palladium and Rhodium. Buyers will do this routine for you, and you can find them on the AutoCatalystMarket website with all the necessary info. Setting the deal, they will arrive at your location to take the worn BMW 2 series Active Tourer “cat” for catalytic recycling processing.

Sell catalytic converters do not waste

AutoCatalystMarket is a convenient way to establish the exact price as it correlates according to the precious metals exchange. Each catalyst is different in its contains which could be found after XRF analysis or simply by searching on AutoCatalystMarket. Utilizing a worn cat in this way is better than wasting it. Find a Buyer on the site and set your used catalytic converter for sale, and they will come to take it and proceed to recycling which is very convenient. Get real profits from the used BMW 2 Series Active Tourer catalytic converter by utilizing it through recycling.

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