Transform Your Old Catalyst into Profit

Each owner of a used car sooner or later faced the problem of a clogged catalyst, which must be changed to a new one. But not everyone knows that a node that has ended its time is worth much money. And car service owners are actively using it.

Listen well to tour car. The car engine stopped giving the previous result, began to "choke", and on the dashboard sad check engine icon lit up. The service station issued a verdict: the catalyst is clogged, immediate replacement is required. Operation is not cheap, because this car part costs much money, and someone Is still allowed to close eye to environmental problems.

To old catalyst can be thrown away. Indeed, why is this dirty, odorous, unsightly piece of iron needed? The master will take and carefully bring the catalytic converters to a special place. Because One can be paid for it up to 100 USD per kg!

The fact is that the casing of catalyst inside is coated with precious metals: rhodium, palladium and platinum, which with a certain skill and availability of equipment can be removed. It is this spraying that helps to reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gases sent to atmosphere of their car exhaust pipe. The cost of each element is much higher than, for example, the cost of gold.

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Easy and Convenient Recycling Process

But do not rush to use this profitable idea. Obtaining precious metals is not an easy task, associated with a large number of procedures. Platinum and rhodium are “mined” using oxidizing agents, and palladium is produced by fluorination. This is technically difficult, requires presence of certain chemical compounds and special equipment.

In addition, the amount of precious metal is not so large: for example, palladium in a device is only 0.08% of the total weight. Rhodium is even less of about 0.006%. Mercedes contain platinum: 0.12% of the total weight. Given its total weight of 1.2 kg, after all procedures we get only 1.44 grams of precious metal.

Long, complicated, costly. But why not recycle the catalyst yourself? So, for example, an ordinary catalyst from a foreign car of Japanese origin weighing 1300 grams, some can pay up to 160 USD. The part from the SUV, the same Mitsubishi Pajero, weighs significantly more and will already bring 240 USD. You don’t have to go anywhere, because technician will arrive with the scales in a place convenient for you and immediately pay compensation. A good reason to think about it and still put your old used catalyst in the trunk. You can even prepare a soft rag or pillow in advance to put under this "treasure".

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Buyout catalyst requirements

If you are going to hand over a used part, then clean it in advance from oil, dirt, and bring the item in order.

Additionally, there are a number of requirements:

  • if a ceramic item is being sold, check that it has a minimum number of chips after removal from the tank;

  • broken into small parts, with a large number of chips, ceramic catalysts are not accepted by most recycling points (you can find out if spectral analysis is carried out, then such a detail can be returned);

  • metal catalysts are not analyzed, they are handed over strictly in the tank, otherwise a greater amount of spraying (precious metals) will be erased;

  • ceramic parts are delivered strictly in dry form;

  • elements soaked in oil or previously treated with a chemical solution are not accepted for recycling.

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The cost of catalyst is influenced by a number of factors, which should be considered:

1. The price depends on which market a particular car was originally assembled. Better items are being delivered to European markets.

2. The higher the class of a car, the better the catalyst.

3. The longer the service life of a car, the less precious metals remain.

4. Sports riding contributes to a more rapid "emptying" of a catalytic converter.

5. Fuel. Some additives in fuel flush metals.

6. Catalytic converters come with different composition of precious metals:

   6.1. Pt, Pd + Rh is the "classic" and the oldest type of catalyst. The average content per ton of ceramics (ppm): Pt - 1470, Pd - 900, Rh - 270. The average price for this category is 50-60 euro/kg.

  6.2. Pt + Rh is as a rule, these are catalysts from diesel or premium cars. Palladium is absent in such catalysts, but platinum is of 2500-3500 ppm. The cost of this category of catalysts is 65-75 eur / kg.

 6.3 Pd + Rh. There is no platinum, but palladium is about 3000-3500 ppm. Such catalysts make about 70% of the total number of modern catalysts. The average price is 45-55 euros / kg.

It is impossible to determine the cost of a catalyst without analysis! Buying and selling catalysts “by eye” is a risk for both the buyer and seller.

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The main misconceptions about catalysts and issues to remember are:

1: Diesel catalysts are always more expensive.

This rule almost doesn't work anymore.

In modern diesels, paired with a catalyst, a fapfilter is used, therefore, diesel engines and gasoline engines are increasingly placing catalysts with a similar content of precious metals.

It’s more correct to look at the class and year of a car. The higher the standard for CO2 requirements, the richer the catalyst.

2: The older the catalyst, the more expensive it is.

On the contrary, the newer it is, the more precious metals it contains.

3: European cars catalytic converters are more expensive than others.

Not always! For example, Subaru converters are significantly more expensive than many European competitors.

4: BMW catalysts are the most expensive.

BMW catalysts until 2000 were of high quality. Today, BMW is producing more catalytic converters with palladium than with platinum.

This trend is relevant not only for BMW, but also for all other automakers.