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Fiat Panda 1.1 / Lancia Y10 1.1 i.e. (37 kw / 50 hp)
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Max price for 6 months: 78 USD

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Lancia Y10 catalytic converter scrap price

Lancia Y10 is a passenger car that was sold in Italy and other countries. This vehicle first appeared at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show. The Y10 itself was distinguished by the fact that the bottom was shortened by 10 cm, and there were also many different models that were somehow equipped with mechanisms of a new type. One of them is a Lancia Lybra catalytic converter. Which has been improved and made with a new structure that gives this part a new look. Thus, it attracted a lot of attention from people interested in this inconspicuous new catalytic converter. But even if the new Lancia Y10 catalyst was unnoticeable, everyone who knows the topic immediately realized that this is a very important component.

Сurrent scrap Lancia Y10 catalytic converter prices

And if the catalytic converter isn't performing the way you want it to, that's not a problem. Because a used Lancia Y10 catalytic converter costs almost as much as a new one because the new Lancia Y10 catalysts contain very expensive materials inside that can be sold. For example, the recycling prices of a Lancia Y10 catalytic converter are not that high compared to the amount of money a person can get from selling the internal components of the catalyst itself. If you read the information on the internet carefully and understand what the catalysts are made of, people immediately realize that the benefits will be enormous. Even because the catalyst converter contains not only stainless steel, for example, but also an expensive valuable material - gold. Which does not lose its value over time.

Lancia Y10 catalytic converter scrap value

For the above reason, people all over the world are looking for people who sell their catalysts in the markets. They are bought so that after the catalyst can be processed and obtained from its important components, as it is very profitable. Because the scrap price of Lancia Y10 cat converter is sometimes low just because people don't understand its value. And only after the sale, for example, can they read that the catalyst contains valuable materials and understand what opportunity they missed.

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