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Suzuki Alto 1.0 (50 kW / 68 hp) / Nissan Pixo 1.0 (50 kW / 68 hp)
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2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014
Max price for 6 months: 2512 INR

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What to do with the old catalytic converter?

People rarely think about why the catalyst is such an important part of the car, and why prices are sometimes so high for it. But in fact, this question is simple, because it is the catalysts that are the filters that process all the harmful emissions in the cars of the world, so need to take this detail a little more seriously. Some people believe that if their used catalytic converter fails, then it will not be useful to them and will not be able to bring any profit. The thing is that catalysts contain expensive elements. For example, palladium or rhodium cost very well, and they form the catalytic converter scrap price. Therefore, the first thing to do with your old catalyst is to check the catalytic converter price in the markets and understand how much it can cost approximately. Do not forget that there are companies that are engaged in catalytic converter recycling for a small cost. And with their help, many people recycle their catalysts and get all the valuable materials that can then be profitably sold and made a good profit. With this approach, you can hand over your catalyst for processing, and then get materials, and after that make a profit that will cover all costs several times over.

How to calculate the Nissan Pixo catalytic converter scrap price

To qualitatively calculate the catalytic converter value, pay attention to many specific factors that can play a role in catalyst pricing. Even experienced catalytic converter buyers understand that it is necessary to pay attention to even those factors that seem insignificant. For example, the weight of the catalyst can play a big role in catalyst pricing because the larger the weight of the catalyst, the greater the profit in video materials. The type of catalyst can play a big role because the type determines what valuable materials will be inside the catalyst, and all profit depends on this. So before buying or selling catalytic converters, you should ask what type they are and what type of car they can fit. It happens that the recycling company inflates the prices for processing, and if this price is too high, then you should not recycle your catalyst. Because you can lose not only part of the profit but also go at a loss.

What are the known new models of catalysts?

More and more catalytic models exist and are being created, all because machines that get better emit more harmful outputs. Therefore, powerful catalysts are needed to filter the exhaust. But there are only three types of catalysts, the first is metal, the second is ceramic and the last is particulate. The latter type of catalyst can work perfectly in a car that uses diesel as fuel, but a ceramic catalyst is unlikely to be able to perform the same task. This is because the structure inside them is different, and therefore the materials are also different, they are all created for different tasks. Therefore, when buying or selling catalytic converters, pay attention to what type and for which the catalyst was created.

Where to find the article on the catalytic converter

The article is very precise with the help of it you can get the missing information, which really can sometimes be missed. If the purchase of a catalyst takes place in real life, then you should look at the back of it, because, most likely, the article will be located there. But if the purchase takes place on the Internet, then, most likely, the article will be located near the name of the catalyst model, where it is often located. With the help of the article, you can find out about the weight of the catalyst, its point size, or even what materials are inside it. And with the help of this information, you can even calculate the cost of the catalyst yourself.

Which engine family is used for new catalysts

The engine and catalytic converter often work as a single whole system, so their compatibility is a very important part of any purchase. Before buying your first catalyst, check with the seller for which type of motor this catalyst can fit. Because if you buy a catalyst that does not fit the car, you can not only ruin the catalyst itself but also the car. As mentioned earlier, a particulate catalytic converter is ideal for a car that runs on diesel fuel, metal catalysts are ideal for a car that runs on gasoline. Everything must be carefully selected so that after the purchase there are no problems.

The History and Model Range of the Nissan Pixo

The Nissan Pixo is a compact city car that was produced by Nissan in collaboration with Suzuki. It was manufactured from 2009 to 2013 and aimed at providing an affordable and fuel-efficient option for urban driving. The Pixo was designed with a compact and practical approach. The exterior design was simple and functional, focusing on aerodynamics and efficient use of space.

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