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8570028 (CERAMIC+DPF)
8570028 (CERAMIC+DPF)
8571820 8584097
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BMW 6 Series F06 Gran Coupe M Sport 3.0 / BMW 6 Series F13
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Max price for 6 months: 24347 INR

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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

Catalytic converters (catalysts) are the technological heroes of modern roads, whose mission is to improve air quality and reduce harmful gas emissions. Unnoticed by most drivers, they are an integral part of automotive systems, providing cleaner and more environmentally sustainable transportation. However, its service life varies, influenced by factors such as driving conditions and maintenance. When a used catalytic converter eventually needs replacement, catalytic recycling is an eco-friendly option. But what is the advantage of the catalytic recycle? BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe used catalytic converter still has a value inside, let us talk about that in detail.

Catalytic converter value

To understand the value we need to first see how the device works. A car's catalytic converter is a ceramic or metal mesh with tiny pores covered with metal catalysts. The gases emitted by the engine pass through this mesh where chemical reactions begin. The catalysts on the surface of the mesh are activated at high temperatures and help oxidize carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to more harmless products. This catalytic layer coated on ceramic honeycombs contains precious metals of the platinum group, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium in particular. These metals are the most important factor for catalytic price estimation.

Catalytic converter price

There are 2 main misconceptions about price dependencies. 1st is that the car manufacturer controls the price for catalysts. Most auto concerns do not have OEM-branded devices and instead use third-party Manufacturers to keep up the car production pace. You can learn about your BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe catalyst by having its serial number inserted into the search bar on the AutoCatalystMarket website. Another misconception is that the car engine, its power, and catalyst type are what the price depends on. However, each “cat” is unique, and the quantity of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium is all that matters.

Catalytic converter scrap price

Catalysts are not sustainable on the aftermarket. Being unrepairable we can only get value from the scrap catalytic converter while going through recycling stages. This raw material is an interest for Buyers that can give you a fair price for it. You can find them by selecting your region on AutoCatalystMarket in the buyer’s tab and also find all the contact information.

Catalytic converter recycling accurate price valuation

Now we go to another stage of recycling which is called spectral analysis. There are many substances contained in scrap and we only need the platinum group from that spectrum. By performing XRF analysis we understand their percentage and thus catalytic converter price per kg has been revealed in the end. Now we need to extract them. To extract PGMs (Platinum Group Metals) we need to refine the raw material. Having elements extracted in their purity we now consider precious metal exchange for accurate price valuation. All these stages are done by Buyers which you can find on the AutoCatalystMarket website. You do not how to go through that on your own looking for scrap yards and so on. Just select your region and all the information will be presented.

Sell catalytic converter

Proper recycling gives precious metals a second life to use in many crafts. Set your BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe used catalytic converter for sale by finding out its cost and dealers to sell on AutoCatalystMarket. Get benefits from utilization with catalyst recycling and save on purchasing a new one! Use this convenient tool to not do everything on your own as there are people that interested in your worn converter.

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