In the realm of modern automobiles, the catalyst (catalytic converter) assumes a pivotal role, combating harmful exhaust emissions to safeguard the environment through purification. Yet, like any automotive component, catalytic converters succumb to wear and tear, influenced by variables such as mileage, fuel quality, and vehicle operation. This prompts the question: what's the best course of action for a used catalytic converter? While some opt for removal and disposal, a more eco-conscious alternative emerges: catalytic converter recycling. Enter the AutoCatalystMarket website, which serves as a gateway to purchasing and selling opportunities for worn catalytic converters in Kenya through the recycling process. When looking to sell catalytic converters, it's essential to determine their value and assess the demand from potential buyers.

Selling points

Within the exhaust manifold, exhaust gases descend onto a grid of ceramic honeycombs covered in a catalytic layer. Here, high-temperature redox reactions are initiated, with the aim of converting harmful exhaust components into benign ones. The catalytic layer contains constituents from the platinum group, expediting this conversion process. These constituents - Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium - serve not only as catalysts for chemical reactions but also as precious metals, garnering attention from both the precious metals exchange and buyer companies. Recycling is the ultimate objective, involving the extraction of these invaluable elements that constitute the core of the sale. Information regarding prices and potential buyers can be readily obtained from the AutoCatalystMarket website for your specific region in Kenya. Our comprehensive database undergoes continuous updates, ensuring subscribers access valuable and up-to-date information.

Type and price identification to sell my catalytic converter

To ascertain the value of a pre-owned catalyst (catalytic converter), your first step is accurate identification. On AutoCatalystMarket, you have the option to visually identify it through photos or utilize the manufacturer's details, including the serial number, in the site's search box. Once you've identified your catalyst (catalytic converter), you can also explore potential buyer companies on AutoCatalystMarket, which can facilitate its further processing for Kenya.

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How to find buyers near me

In search of catalytic converter buyers? Head to AutoCatalystMarket, adjust your search region to Kenya, and you'll find interested parties eager to purchase catalytic converter scrap and raw materials. They cater to both B2B and B2C clients, offering versatility. What sets AutoCatalystMarket apart is its sheer convenience – you won't have to tackle the intricacies of catalytic recycling; the buyer company handles it all. So, let's explore these processing stages and their importance.

Recycling near me and how it works

The recycling process is comprehensive, encompassing multiple crucial stages. Initially, the ceramic core is extracted from its housing and subjected to grinding. These finely ground particles are then compacted into tablets for subsequent analysis using a fluorescence spectrometer. XRF analysis enables us to determine the proportions of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium in the sample, allowing us to ascertain the price per kilogram. Once these essential components are identified, the materials undergo refining, where they are treated in plasma furnaces and subjected to alkalinization to extract the precious metals in their purest form. With this pristine raw material, we can reintroduce it into the production of new catalysts and various other applications. Following these intricate stages, we establish a specific cost for the catalyst, considering the constantly fluctuating prices on the precious metals exchange.

The realm of catalytic converter production boasts a multitude of manufacturers, aligning with the sheer diversity of Car Brands. This phenomenon arises from the prevalent practice among automotive corporations, wherein they enlist specialized third-party enterprises focused exclusively on catalytic converter fabrication. Consequently, the final cost tag attached to each individual catalyst exhibits variability, contingent on its categorization, which hinges on engine type and fuel variant — Gasoline, Diesel, or Hybrid.

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The most expensive catalytic converters

In Kenya, beyond the realm of conventional converters, premium catalysts carve their niche in the pricing landscape. Take, for instance, revered names such as Mustang, Lamborghini, and Ferrari, all belonging to the esteemed premium segment. Here, the pricing trajectory is inherently tied to the manufacturer's prestige. Yet, it's imperative to note that the valuation of catalysts (catalytic converters) isn't exclusively swayed by the brand or automaker; rather, it pivots on the abundance of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium ensconced within. Discover the specifics of your catalytic converter by navigating to the Car Brands section. Here, you'll encounter a detailed price list that offers valuable information about the anticipated cost of your device and its market demand.


The final catalytic cost is intricately connected to the presence of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium contained within the converter's honeycomb structure, all while considering the fluctuations at the precious metal exchange. This intricate process encompasses catalytic recycling to meticulously extract these precious metals. The AutoCatalystMarket acts as your all-encompassing resource, offering access to up-to-the-minute pricing and offers from local buyers in Kenya, all poised to undertake the recycling journey of your catalyst (catalytic converter). This approach undoubtedly represents the most judicious avenue for disposal, ultimately sparing you the expense of procuring a new unit.

Through the AutoCatalystMarket website, you'll simplify the entire recycling and sales process for your converter, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency, all within the confines of your home, and at an accelerated pace.