Catalyst in a car serves to reduce toxicity of exhaust exhaust gases from the engine, but exhaust system element is often clogged by slag and fails.

Usually owners want to improve vehicle performance like increased power, aestheticization and drive quality. Power has been achieved with an installed crankshaft with an increased radius of a curved cylinder, as well as with a variable camshaft or adding a high octane rating to gasoline, removing catalyst.

It must be dangerous to increase power through tuning exhaust system. But this is one of the most affordable and productive methods of increasing power. Before trying it, consider all pros and cons. Consult experts of the industry and specialized companies. They will select, and possibly even compatible types of tuning of exhaust system to obtain best vehicle performance. There Is also chip tuning process, which involves changing engine programs and increasing productivity by 20-30%!

Removing catalyst or replacing it with a flame arrester can provide an increase in vehicle power by 3% -7%. An undoubted plus is also considered that when removing catalyst reduces fuel consumption. It is also important that the owner of a car can simply forget about problems with clogged filters, because they simply do not exist.

Of course, removal of catalyst has a huge number of cons. Firstly, the vehicle is automatically lined up in series of emergency vehicles that create problems during maintenance. Secondly, the car should be ready to establish a deceptive catalyst or flashing. In addition, unpleasant smell of exhaust, which is a consequence of lack of catalyst filters. This can adversely affect the health of passengers. The least problematic is installation of a sports catalyst. It helps save money. In addition, car performance can significantly change in a food way. Installing sport analog catalysts when removing the filter try this option. True, the cost of a sports catalyst is significantly higher than the cost of a regular one.

This requires the replacement of a universal (non-original) catalyst or installation mechanical trickery or a flame arrester. Common tuning studio knows the best catalyst option and how to cheating with each specific car.

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Put in-line muffler and resonator

To add power without a catalyst, a direct-flow muffler and a direct-flow resonator are installed. The purpose of such installation is to reduce the resistance to exhaust gas output. Increase in engine torque and its power to 5-9% depends on the type of car.

This no catalyst method obviously gas disadvantages of tuning:

  • changing the sound (for someone, a new sound is a nice update);

  • problems during technical inspection of vehicles;

  • sometimes the clearance of a car is reduced.

The cost of direct exhaust is about $500, because not all car owners choose cheaper exhaust options.

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Flat spring collector

Installation of an equal-length collector and a high-quality straight-through exhaust system can increase the car's power up to 15%. All products are made of high quality stainless steel. The installation of an equal-length manifold without catalyst is requested to ensure the correct release of gases and improve the sound quality of a car.

Experts do not recommend removing catalyst and installing an equal-length collector without additional equipment, and get new experience in tuning entire exhaust system. But the cost of such a set depends on selected model of installed collector and vehicle parameters. If you want to be sure, let experts select the least costly option, as well as install additional equipment to extend the life of functional element.

Presence of specialized modern equipment makes work of experts quick and of high quality in absence of catalyst. When ordering manufacture of a collector, get a quality guarantee not only for installation, but also for items purchased.

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Manufacture of exhaust system of increased diameter

If you need to remove catalyst, production of high-quality exhaust systems with an increased pipe diameter is one of the most frequent tuning orders. Craftsmen calculate necessary replacement catalyst elements, which will help increase the car's performance by 10-15% without much harm to engine. By replacing catalyst, an increase in power occurs due to an increase in engine torque and a faster exhaust gas is achieved.

Service proposes installation of optimal version of exhaust system of a car with an increase in diameter of pipes. Experience allows to perform tuning services for exhaust systems quickly, efficiently and effectively. Systems that are sold and manufactured as a catalyst substitute are made of stainless steel. Such elements have many advantages, such as high strength, reliability, resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion, long life and availability.

It is always better to help in choosing a way to finalize exhaust systems without catalyst. Experienced specialists will talk in detail about pros and cons of each type of tuning work to increase the power of a car, and also help to choose the best option. Consider catalyst removal with high quality specialized car service stations.