Modern motorists have an excellent opportunity to get rid of a faulty catalytic converter when and where they want to do it. Usually, there are plenty of car service stations that are ready to give some information on purchasing old catalysts. Specialized companies always buy used catalytic converters in any quantity and offer good deals, both to individuals and large suppliers. Now you can sell catalytic converters, the price for the device will be high, and the operating conditions are usually transparent. The purchase of catalytic converters is equal for both foreign and domestic manufacturers in any condition. You can calculate the cost of a scrap catalytic converter using a special calculator or simply by calling consultants. It is not only a profitable but also a satisfying process, due to your will to recycle the old item.

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In which cases should the catalytic converter be sold

Is it really necessary to consider mileage and driving conditions? Should everyone follow a producer's manual? Which signs can help to understand the vehicle problem? These questions and many others are usually concentrated in the heads of modern drivers, thinking of their car maintenance cost.

A catalytic converter malfunction is indicated by the power unit decreasing in its work. It is easy to perceive because of some distinctive features. This occurs when the honeycomb structure melts or becomes clogged with soot and exhaust gases are difficult to escape. An additional booming or rattling sound indicates the destruction of the car's ceramic of a catalytic converter. Excessive smoke with an unpleasant smell comes out of the exhaust pipe in case of a failure.

Processing is a basic need for individuals who need to discard or improve the working of their exhaust systems. The best spot for this is to find scrap vendors. They are the best companies to sell or reuse your catalytic converter. It is always better to collect more information on prices and possibilities to recycle a catalytic converter.

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How to independently determine the price of a catalytic converter

Talking about the causes which affect the price of a catalytic converter, it is better to mention general ones. The sales market is one of the biggest influencers. Better catalytic converters are provided for the European car market, and if you need to sell a car catalyst, originally intended for third world countries, then they will not give a high price for it. The quality of the catalytic converter will also depend on the class of vehicle it is installed on. High mileage and long-term operation negatively affect catalysts and therefore are not very optimistic about their value. As you know, the catalytic converter has the property of "emptying", and therefore a sporty driving style will make it cheaper. If certain additives are present in gasoline or other fuels, then over time the precious metals will be washed out.

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Usually the composition of a car catalytic converter initially contained Pt, Pd, and Rh. With time and modernization, the contents can change, but the idea and process of purification remain the same. One ton of ceramic catalytic converters contains about one thousand and five hundred ppm of Pt, almost one thousand ppm of Pd, and about three hundred ppm of Rh. Diesel catalytic converters or premium cars contain Pt and Rh. Although their metal contents are about 2.5-3.5 thousand ppm. In general, the acceptance of catalytic converters with similar content is about seventy percent. The cost of such parts of the exhaust system on average varies between sixty to seventy-five USD per 1 kg. This type of catalyst can be attributed to an endangered species, and according to some sources, the average price for it is up to eighty USD per 1 kg. Considering these simple figures one can understand the price of the scrap item. Calculate it by yourself and discover benefits from selling. Profit from a great deal with one of your local recycling stations.

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Myths about scrap catalytic converter prices

Let us look at several myths about scrap catalytic converter prices and how to decide what is right and what is wrong. The first one is that diesel is always more expensive than gasoline catalytic converters. When evaluating a catalytic converter, do not rely on the type of engine. In modern diesel cars, a particulate filter is used and catalysts are installed on all power units, both gasoline, and diesel. It is better to pay attention to the year of manufacture and the class of the car. The second myth is that old catalytic converters are more expensive than new ones. It is a new item that contains more precious metals. And last, but not least is that European catalytic converters are more expensive than others. This is also a wrong judgment because the highest price for buying catalysts will be not only for a high-quality European catalytic converter but also for their Japanese counterparts.

It is common that all catalytic converters have sequential numbers, and this is something that can be utilized to decide the purchasing cost. Experienced organizations will request the sequential number of your item before providing the cost estimate tag.

Protect your car and drive safely to earn on scrap catalytic converters! The sum you get will be of great help when it comes to repairing the catalyst. More and more companies offer to recycle old catalytic converters and looking around attentively, you can find your best partner.