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What does catalytic converter do?

What does catalytic converter do? Platinum, rhodium, palladium and even gold can act as a perfect catalysts in the catalytic converter. Without them, the process would have been impossible. The entire filling of the catalytic converter looks like a layer of precious metals deposited on a ceramic honeycomb. And the catalytic converter is not only a unit, but also housing, and lambda sensors, and a heat insulator casing. It is the ceramic block that is the catalytic converter of the reaction, and not the entire item assembly that is "dusting" into the cylinders, so they usually talk about removing the catalytic converter, sometimes replacing it with other parts. The first catalytic converter was installed back in 1975. But there were no big problems from them then, and until recently no one could have thought that the catalytic converter could cause scuffing and oil scrapes. The catalytic converter was located far from the cylinder block, in the exhaust system somewhere under the bottom

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Catalytic converter core buyers near me

Modern motorists have an excellent opportunity to get rid of a faulty catalytic converter when and where they want to do it. Usually, there are plenty of car service stations that are ready to give some information on purchasing old catalysts. Specialized companies always buy used catalytic converters in any quantity and offer good deals, both to individuals and large suppliers. Now you can sell catalytic converters, the price for the device will be high, and the operating conditions are usually transparent. The purchase of catalytic converters is equal for both foreign and domestic manufacturers in any condition. You can calculate the cost of a scrap catalytic converter using a special calculator or simply by calling consultants. It is not only a profitable but also a satisfying process, due to your will to recycle the old item. In which cases should the catalytic converter be sold   Is it really necessary to consider mileage and driving conditions? Should everyone follow a p

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Catalytic converter is stolen. Can I drive?

The skyrocketing price of palladium, fueled by increased market demand for this precious metal, has turned into a wave of thefts of a car catalytic converter. According to the latest statistics, over the past six months, palladium prices have increased by more than 50%. As a result, this metal, which is actively used by automakers in a catalytic converter, designed to reduce harmful engine emissions, for the first time since 2002 has become more expensive than gold. This fact provoked the theft of catalysts. Removing a catalytic converter from the car is not too difficult. It takes several minutes, and video instructions can be found on the Internet.Thieves operate in groups: at night they drive up to the chosen vehicle, saw off the catalytic converter with a piston saw, and then drive on. It is difficult to find robbers, as they hand over the stolen catalysts for scrap at pick-up points that do not require identification. Experts attribute the growth in demand for palladium to new

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Current scrap catalytic converter prices

A catalytic converter is one of the main elements of the exhaust system, performing the function of reducing the emission of harmful substances and exhaust gases into the atmosphere. It is usually installed on both gasoline and diesel power plants in close proximity to the exhaust manifold or muffler. The catalyst is subject to mandatory disposal, which is a complicated process that requires special equipment. The purchase of a catalytic converter has been carried out almost everywhere. The cost of every used car catalytic converter depends on: Type of device (metal or ceramic); Countries of origin (Germany, France, USA, Japan or China, RF); Car model, engine size, year of manufacture, country of assembly or where it was exported; From size: cut from the body, whole or broken, shredded; On the purity, degree of contamination of the delivered mass: with asbestos, cotton wool or without; From exchange quotations of prices for metals Pt, Pd, Rh and from

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