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Honda Element catalytic converter

Catalytic neutralizing parts are an integral element of the vehicle's exhaust system, necessary to clean the exhaust from harmful components. Filtration of gases occurs due to the spraying of precious metals. Due to their expensive formulation, automotive neutralizers are valuable even after the end of their useful life. Being recycled, they are used in various industries from petrochemicals to jewelry making.

You can sell the old item both to individuals and to specialized companies. It is categorically not recommended to dispose of used car emissions substances that have a negative impact on the environment. In addition, buying an old car catalyst or damaged part is a good way to generate additional income without any extra effort, saving on buying a new device.

Where can you sell an Element catalytic converter?

Old cars and particulate filters are bought by:

1. Private traders. It will not be possible to profitably sell spare parts to resellers, since individuals set the lowest prices. In addition, individual buyers do not have the necessary equipment to analyze precious metals, so it is impossible to rely on an honest assessment of the Honda Element catalytic converter scrap price.

2. Recycling plants. Such enterprises offer decent wages, however, they rarely cooperate with individuals, preferring to buy car neutralizers in bulk.

3. Local reception points and branches of international organizations. Before selling a used item, it is better to compare prices and conditions in several companies. So, some points of reception do not buy knocked-out, chipped, crushed products.

What can affect the average Honda Element catalytic converter scrap price?

The first thing that car owners are interested in is how much a used neutralizer can be sold for. The cost of secondary raw materials varies depending on the pricing policy of a particular collection point. The main role in pricing is played by the percentage of precious metals, which is determined by spectral analysis. The concentration of Pt, Pd and Rh(less often - Au) is determined by the following characteristics of the car:

· Year of manufacture. The "older" the vehicle, the better the filter is installed on it.

· Volume and type of the engine. A car with a diesel engine is equipped with neutralizers saturated with Pt as much as possible. Such parts can be sold at high cost.

· Brand and model. Foreign luxury cars are equipped with the most reliable parts.

When evaluating the old filter, employees of reception points take into account other factors:

· Wear level. During long-term operation, car parts "lose" up to 50 percent of the deposition of precious metals.

· The country of manufacture. USSR parts are cheaper than imported ones. Foreign manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the environmental friendliness of automotive products. In USSR countries, environmental requirements are not so strict, so companies often save on materials, replacing Pt with more affordable elements.

· Amount. It is more profitable to sell automotive items in large quantities than to hand over products individually.

· Material. Old metal neutralizers are more reliable and stronger than ceramic ones, and therefore cost more.

· Condition. The most expensive converters are without visible damage, in a one-piece body, since knocked out, ground devices retain less precious coating.

How to sell a used Element catalytic converter?

If you want to sell a neutralizer and make good money, we recommend:

1. Presort auto parts by types and categories (separate split neutralizers from solid, ceramic from metal, etc.).

2. Clean structures from dirt, traces of soot and technical fluids.

3. When cleaning, use products with a "gentle" composition, since aggressive chemicals wash away part of the precious dusting.

This will slightly increase the Honda Element catalytic converter price. Please note: it is not recommended to remove the device from the case yourself, without sufficient experience, you risk damaging the item losing a large percentage of expensive coverage. Entrust this work to the buying staff.

Good and reliable recycling companies accept old, spent neutralizers and particulate filters from individuals and legal entities. Usually they guarantee each client:

· Rapid assessment of precious metals.

· Accurate results.

· Instant cash payments.

· The highest prices.

· Nice bonuses when handing over items in bulk.

· Disposal of recyclable materials in accordance with accepted standards.

They are always ready to buy old car neutralizers, regardless of the volume and degree of damage. Residents of the city can contact the nearest pick-up point, customers from other cities can send parts by a transport company or by post.

To find out how much you can sell a filter and discuss the terms of cooperation, call the office during business hours or leave an online request for a call back.

An Element catalytic converter composition

Inside the steel body of the device, there is a metal or ceramic carrier made of a plurality of cells coated with a sputtering of rare earth metals. Pd, Pt, Rh are characterized by a high cost, since obtaining these elements in nature is a laborious process that takes a lot of resources from mining enterprises. Precious coating filters the exhaust gases by oxidizing harmful components and transforming:

Hydrocarbon into water vapor.

Nitrogen oxides into nitrogen.

Carbon monoxide is converted to carbon dioxide.

As a result, substances are released into the air that do not pose a threat to the environment and human health.

Please note that with use, the valuable spraying is erased - on average, filters must be replaced after passing 100 - 120 thousand kilometers. The service life of products depends on the initial amount of metals in the composition. The most "rich" and high quality parts are considered European and diesel parts, which are manufactured in accordance with strict environmental requirements.

Is it possible to extract Pt from the Element catalytic converter at home?

Self-mining from a filter is a complex procedure that requires practical skills and knowledge. There are several technologies for extracting valuable elements:

  • Leaching with oxidizing agents.

  • Heating up the metal followed by fluorination.

  • Electroplating method.

The use of these methods is advisable only if you are working with a large quantity of items. Otherwise, the Honda Element catalytic converter scrap price will not offset the costs of obtaining them. It is much easier and more convenient to hand over the used parts to a metal structure collection point, where professional staff will do all the hard work for you. You just have to wait for the assessment and get a reward.

Do not waste your time and look immediately for a right company near you online. It is quite an efficient way to find a loyal partner, thanks to feedback of other users and evaluation of the work.

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