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Ford E350 Super Duty Cargo

The catalytic converter (catalyst) of the Ford E350 Super Duty Cargo serves one important purpose - it is a means of reducing the exhaust gases of the vehicle to protect the environment. There are more and more cars on the road and each of them must be equipped with a Euro-standard exhaust system. However, over time the catalytic converter, like any other consumable item, wears out and becomes unusable. The average service life corresponds to the average mileage of the car from 70 to 100 thousand miles. Early wear and tear is caused by poor quality fuel and poor maintenance of the car in general. But should you just get rid of a faulty unit at the end of its useful life? Is there any use for it if it no longer fulfills its function? A used catalytic converter still has value in its package, so let's take a look inside and see how everything works.

Catalytic converter value

The catalytic converter is installed in close proximity to the exhaust manifold. Passing through the catalytic converter, harmful gases are broken down into water and nitrogen at high temperatures. It goes through ceramic honeycomb cells with catalytic spraying under the metal shell. This catalytic layer accelerates the reactions of toxins transformation to harmless ones due to platinum, palladium, and rhodium contained in it. These three elements are precious metals, and they are where the value of even a wasted catalyst lies.

Catalytic converter price

Aftermarket pricing is not taken into account, as used catalytic converters are not repairable. In addition, neither the make of the car nor its power has anything to do with pricing. This is due to the fact that large car companies interested in increasing their production often turn to third-party manufacturers for their exhaust systems. Therefore, the regulation of the catalyst recycling market is not influenced by the car brand in any way. Nor does the power of the vehicle matter, as the platinum, palladium, and rhodium content can vary significantly from catalyst to catalyst. Therefore, the price of the Ford E350 Super Duty Cargo catalytic converter affects only the presence of precious metals in it. To understand how much your particular catalyst costs, you need to enter its serial number on the AutoCatalystMarket website in the search box. This way you will see your Manufacturer, and also you can find Buyers near you by changing the region to current or nearby your location.

Catalytic converter scrap price

For the initial stage of recycling, a scrap catalytic converter is required by grinding its honeycomb to powder. Buyers are also interested in purchasing this raw catalyst material. To find out more about the catalytic price, please visit the website to find the contact information to get in touch with a buyer who will go through the full cycle of catalytic processing with you and quote a price.

Catalytic converter recycling

A complete catalytic recycle is a complex technical process with three main stages. In the first stage, we grind the honeycomb into scrapyards. This material is then pressed into a convenient form for subsequent spectral analysis of the vapor content of platinum, palladium, and rhodium. After that, we get the catalytic converter price per kg and the whole batch goes to the refineries for enrichment and extraction of precious metals from the original material. A Buyer found on AutoCatalystMarket will take care of all of those complications.

Sell catalytic converter

Take the time to dispose of your worn equipment and put the used catalytic converter for sale. For this purpose, you have a very convenient tool – the AutoCatalystMarket website, where you will learn a lot of useful information, including the manufacturer of your unit, and its recycling price, and also find buyers in your area, who will provide everything you need to go through the recycling stages. Save on buying a new catalyst for the Ford E350 Super Duty Cargo with AutoCatalystMarket.

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