Five mistakes to avoid, cutting off car catalyst

Many people know that car catalytic converter must be removed mandatory, after a certain mileage! But they consider it as a useless piece of metal. Thinking that it costs nothing, knock it out to just throw it away! However, this is wrong, a catalyst can be sold for a good sum of money.

There are five general mistakes, regarding catalyst cutting off.

Mistake 5. There is a maximum mileage, which requires obligatory catalyst cutting off

There is no specific mileage to remove or throw away the catalyst. Everything is very individual and depends on many indicators, including the fuel that the motor uses.

It happens that bad quality gasoline can melt and destroy the catalyst and all the units at a time. If you refuel with good fuel at proven gas stations, then the unit can work for a long period of time, for example, 150-200 or even 250,000 km. Especially if this catalyst is of EURO3 or EURO4, the unit walls are thick and last longer.

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The standard of EURO5 catalysts is EURO6 (which are installed on modern cars), which is not so durable, all because their cells are made thinner so that they clean more waste gases (the environmental requirement is more strict). Therefore, a catalyst does not last long. In any case, if the catalyst has exhausted its life, you will most likely get an error on the dashboard that will come from the second oxygen sensor. Gas purification is not so effective. And also the car will pull worse or stall.

Modern catalysts can be partially destroyed, for example, a sand surface is created. If the ceramic converter starts to form sand, when the valves are closed, it can be sucked into the engine cylinders and tear up the walls of the cylinder block.

To prevent this from happening, watch your motor, buy an endoscope and look at the state of the catalyst, for example, climb in and look at it through an oxygen sensor. If the car is under warranty, then there is nothing to be afraid of, but after all, it is up to you.

Mistake 4. Removal of catalyst will guarantee an increase in motor power

Many people think that after removing a catalyst, engine capacity will increase. It is a big mistake! Removing the catalytic converter will give a small increase in power of about 2-3% (not more), because you removed the element that prevents the exhaust gases from coming out.

BUT modern car catalysts have thin walls, and they minimize exhaust fumes. So an increase of 10 or 15% is just a good myth. And if you want to remove it precisely because of an increase in power, this is silly! To increase the power of a car, you need to carry out a whole range of measures, including changing the exhaust tract itself, for example, putting a spider 4 - 2 - 1 or 4 - 1.

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When you delete car catalyst, you may encounter such troubles as increased fuel consumption, oil consumption, ringing sound of the muffler, etc.

Mistake 3. Replace with a catalyst copy or original part

The question frankly is not simple. There are two camps, the first ones say that you need to reprogram the computer to install not original catalytic converter.

The second one says that it is not possible, but only a flame arrester can seem appropriate. Because the car thinks that it works with a catalyst.

If you do not want to install a repaired catalyst, then:

Original. Such catalyst is perfect in almost everything. Now all modern machines are either EURO5 or EURO. It is almost impossible to find original part for EURO2 is unrealistic, but it is worth it. There are many cases when such substitutes killed the engine, due to improper supply of the fuel mixture. This is especially true with turbo engines. More oxygen passes through the first lambda sensor because there are no more barriers. The car is trying to align all this automatically, which may increase fuel consumption.

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Put a flame arrester it will not only make the exhaust quieter but not so ringing. It increases the life of silencer - because if it is not there, then the exhaust gases practically do not lose their energy, and then they can destroy resonators, compounds, etc.

Also, the flame arrester helps to equalize fuel consumption, because, as the catalyst, it is an obstacle, which means that the exhaust gases will not pass so quickly. And most likely the first oxygen sensor will work as needed.

Mistake 2. Old catalyst is worthless

What do 90% of drivers who have removed the catalyst do? They leave it at the service station, or just throw it away.

BUT this is a huge mistake! There are many precious metals in a catalyst, mainly platinum, palladium, or rhodium. Now there are specialized companies that have learned to extract these metals. You just need to bring the old catalyst to such a company (or they themselves may come to you), now there are a lot of such companies in every city. Give away the catalyst, they grind it, then analyze the composition, which metals it consists of. All this is recalculated at the rate of these metals, some of them have a commission for their work. And most money is given to you.

For example, a kilogram of a metal catalyst can cost from 20 to 50 USD, and a ceramic unit costs from 60 to 300 USD. If you have a modern foreign car, the EURO5 - EURO6 standard can easily help to get about 60-90 USD.

So do not throw catalysts away and do not leave them at the service station, it may cost much money, even used and out of order!

Five mistakes to avoid, cutting off car catalyst | AutoCatalystMarket UK — Photo № 4 | AutoCatalyst Market

Mistake 1. Repaired Catalyst

In general, many car owners have a bunch of myths related to the catalyst, for example - that this is an extremely useless thing that only ruins the car.

This unit is not so useless. At least because you do not pollute the environment (and the ecology around the world). Exhaust gases get into your car (especially in summer) without this tiny unit! As a result, polluting nature and poisoning yourself and your loved ones is the only result.

After an installation of a new catalyst, you practically restore the original characteristics of the car. This does not always happen, but very often. Again, there is no environmental pollution, there is no large consumption of fuel and oil because the machine works as if in nominal value. Some owners remove the catalyst from the collector and install it in the line under the car, which prevents dust from entering the engine cylinders. Consider all the reasons why the car has such a part and decide what are the prospects of the car life without a good catalyst.