Car tuning can be very different. Most often, vehicle acquires an individuality, technical characteristics improve, etc. But there is another tuning, when "modernization" can become dangerous for a car and its owner. For example, removal of a catalytic converter from an exhaust system.

At first glance, getting rid of catalyst does not affect the engine, on the contrary, it seems that the improve had become faster and more powerful. Therefore, catalytic converter is cut out by a grinder, knocked out with special devices. What negative consequences can cause such a tuning?

Catalytic converter is installed by autoproducer in or behind the exhaust manifold. Some motorists are sure that this is done only in order to be able to equip the car with additional oxygen sensors and reduce the power of motor. Naturally, this is not true.

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If you live in post soviet countries of Eastern Europe, then you can use car without a catalyst. In Europe and the USA, one would have to pay heavy fines for violation environmental standards. In driving without a catalytic converter, there are certain disadvantages. These include increased emissions of harmful gases, non-compliance with environmental standards, smell of gases inside the car, increased noise, probability of burnout exhaust system. Nevertheless, there are many drivers who drive without a catalytic converter, especially this is common among owners of BMW, Volkswagen, Opel, Porsche, Mercedes, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, etc.

What can happen if you drive without a catalyst? And without a flame arrester?

It is more caustic smoke, noise, environmental damage. Many argue that driving without a catalyst will not lead to anything. This is a mistaken opinion, because there are already dozens of cars with burned exhaust systems due to the lack of a catalytic converter.

 - Burned exhaust system

The first and most frequent thing that happens when driving without a catalyst is a burnout of exhaust system. It doesn’t matter how expensive your car is, all regular exhaust systems are made of the same steel. One can drive without a catalyst if you have an engine with power up to 50 hp. in this case, the exhaust system may not burn out, but are there still such cars. If you drive without a catalytic converter, then you will have to change exhaust in a year and a half, and this is completely different money, even in comparison with installing original catalytic converter.

 - Traffic fumes

Without a catalyst, the exhaust gas will be very corrosive. It can be easily perceived if you stand in a traffic jam and open a window with a fair wind. Catalytic converter saves the situation by lowering the temperature of gases. It deactivates the most dangerous components and chemical compounds in gases, so you can drive safely, and catalytic converter will not allow the return wave of gases to get into your car’s engine. It’s getting there is extremely undesirable, as they interfere with creating a normal mixture and interfere with engine operation.

 - Sound exhaust system

Without a catalyst, the sound of exhaust system will change. It will become more severe and loud. The presence of a catalytic converter can soften the sound and lower high temperatures. Unfortunately the only way to get rid of the car noise is to install additional silencers if you are going to drive without a catalyst. And if you like the noise of a car, and you want to highlight it, you can put a resonator and the sound will become much brighter!

The removal of catalytic converter is impossible to miss. Many car owners describe it in different ways. Some say that it felt like there was a trailer or an anchor that they got rid of, others say that the car had a second wind, but they all have one thing in common. A significant improvement in dynamic performance, as well as reduced fuel consumption. Removal of catalyst is an extreme measure, which is very undesirable if the engine works as it should. In addition, if financial expenses allow to perform a full replacement of catalytic converter with a new one, then it is better to do just that. You will not have to interfere with exhaust system, as well as brains of a car. It will not require any tricks and other ways, which can not be avoided when removing the catalytic converters. Specialized companies have a possibility to purchase old catalyst to lighten repair expense.

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In the case of dismantling of catalytic converters, the second sensor identifies malfunction and begins to automatically reduce the temperature inside combustion chamber. For this, the system adds more fuel. As a result, the mixture is enriched, and motor power decreases and consumption increases. In other words, control unit goes into emergency operation and prepares an averaged mixture for motor to continue working. At the same time, there is no question of setting the optimal fuel supply mode. To prevent increased fuel consumption by removing the engine from an emergency state, it is necessary to change catalytic converter or reprogram electronic control unit to Euro-2 standard. Also, some craftsmen install a special tools on second lambda sensor.

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Can I drive without a catalytic converter?

Yes, you can drive without a catalyst, but you need to approach to all possible problems with your brain. If you do not want your car to be repaired so that it does not suddenly smell or hoot, then first you need to make sure that the replacement of catalyst is best for you. Make sure to contact reliable companies to evaluate and sell your old catalyst. Get a money bonus!