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Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8 V6
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Pontiac Grand Prix catalytic converter scrap price

Catalytic converters are a mandatory part of every vehicle these days to fulfill emission control standards. In this regard, a whole market appears where people can buy and sell used catalysts. But the question is - how much does it cost to sell used catalysts? Here we discover where and how to set profitable deals and how AutoCatalystMarket helps in determining the catalytic price.

Features of Pontiac Grand Prix catalytic converters

Pontiac Grand Prix catalytic converter is a three-way catalyst featuring platinum, palladium, and rhodium for redox. These are precious metals coated on a honeycomb of the catalyst to reduce harmful emissions and dismantle them into benign substances to not pollute the environment. These PGM (Platinum Group Metals) are rare in nature and also hard to develop. This is why it is essential to retrieve such value from used catalysts, as they do not alter in chemical process.

List of factors to influence the cost of Pontiac Grand Prix catalytic converter

  1. The general influencer for Pontiac Grand Prix catalytic converter scrap value is the PGM content. The more Pt, Pd, and Rh are in its core the more it costs.
  2. Precious metals of the platinum group have also applications in various industries, hence the demand is getting higher, which means an increase in catalytic price as well.
  3. A summarizing factor here is the precious metal exchange, where the quotes represent overall turnover, supply, and demand for PGM across all industries. Plus, it adds up the speculation factor to the price due to the market fluctuations which should also be considered.

How to determine the price and sell Pontiac Grand Prix catalysts

To understand how much is a Pontiac Grand Prix catalytic converter worth, we recommend using online platforms such as AutoCatalystMarket. Here you can estimate the price, find a licensed buyer company, and all of that is available at your fingertips. All you need is serial numbers for your catalysts to get all the info. Here is a short guide on how it works:

  1. Locate the serial number on your catalytic converter or in vehicle docs.
  2. Input the serial number into the site search
  3. Get the quotes
  4. Go to the ‘Buyers’ section to find a company in your region to whom you sell your catalyst.
  5. Ship it and get paid after recycling is done.

The buyer company handles the catalytic recycling procedure to estimate the exact price of your catalysts. Precision analysis is performed during the process to reveal the percentage and quantitive content of PGM in your unit.

Why would you choose AutoCatalystMarket?

Unlike scrapyards, where you may face illegal activities concerning stolen catalysts, the AutoCatalystMarket website provides only legit buyer companies that you can find near you by setting a region on the site. Besides, our database contains over 25,000 units with images, descriptions, and prices. That way, you get many benefits from using AutoCatalystMarket:

  • Online price assessment: Avoid visiting scrapyards and estimate the prices from the comfort of your home
  • Better prices: Unlike scrapyards, online platforms have a larger turnover and better price policy in accordance.
  • Actual and accurate pricing: Considering the recycling to assess the exact price, plus market quotations from the exchange, AutoCatalystMarket provides only actual prices every day.
  • Hassle-free deals: We bridge the gap between supply and demand on the catalyst market, our trustworthy buyers carry out all the routines concerning recycling and all you need is your serial number to start selling.

Get those benefits by using AutoCatalystMarket now and save big on purchasing a new catalyst for your vehicle. Make your own contribution both to the economy and environmental protection by recycling your used catalytic converters. Set the deals, buy and sell catalysts without any hassle, and bustle from the comfort of your home or a smartphone.

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