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Ford Transit Connect / Focus Turbo MK1 1.8 TDDI (90 hp)
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Ford D-Series

The Ford D-Series, like any other automobile, features a crucial component known as the catalytic converter (catalyst), designed to combat exhaust emissions. As these emissions continue to be a pressing environmental concern, catalytic converters play a significant role in mitigating pollution. Yet, like any automotive part, they have a limited lifespan influenced by various factors, including mileage and fuel quality. On average, a catalytic converter lasts around 150,000 kilometers. However, when it reaches the end of its service life, what should you do with it? Many individuals dispose of these converters without recognizing their inherent value. In this discussion, we will explore the options for managing your used catalytic converter and how you can profit from its recycling.

Catalytic converter value

Catalytic converters boast a complex structure, featuring a core component designed in a honeycomb cell configuration. Within these cells, critical redox chemical reactions occur, playing a pivotal role in transforming harmful exhaust emissions into harmless carbon dioxide and water. To boost the efficiency of these reactions and ensure optimal performance, catalyst elements are loaded with precious metals, including Palladium, Platinum, and Rhodium. These metals are the key determinants of the value of a worn “cat”. To discover the current market price for your converter, you can visit the AutoCatalystMarket website.

Catalytic converter price

It's essential to recognize that used catalytic converters are not repairable; their entire worth is derived from three precious metals: Palladium, Rhodium, and Platinum. In the secondary market, individuals can sell catalysts in the form of scrap to precious metal dealers.So, how is the value of a used catalytic converter determined? Contrary to common misconceptions, the price is not significantly influenced by the vehicle manufacturer. In reality, most car manufacturers do not manufacture their own OEM converters; instead, they collaborate with third-party Manufacturers. Consequently, the catalytic price is predominantly determined by the market rates of Palladium, Rhodium, and Platinum. To ascertain the value of your Ford D-Series catalytic converter (catalyst) for, you can navigate to the AutoCatalystMarket website. By inputting the serial number of your car’s converter, you can obtain the precise appraisal and proceed with setting your used catalytic converter for sale.

Catalytic converter recycling

The price of used catalytic converters is subject to fluctuations in the prices of precious metals on metal exchanges, a variable that buyers factor into their decisions. To discover a Buyer near you, simply navigate to the corresponding section on the AutoCatalystMarket website, where you will find comprehensive contact information for dealers in your locality.

The exact value of the scrap catalytic converter is determined through XRF analysis. A sample extracted from a ground honeycomb undergoes analysis to determine the spectrum of Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium in percentage contained within it. This analysis provides an approximation of the final value and the catalytic converter price per kg. A reliable buyer of used catalytic converters (catalysts), featured in the BUYER section of AutoCatalystMarket, will manage this entire process and provide you with the necessary information. Upon reaching an agreement, the buyer will visit your location, collect the Ford D-Series catalyst, and initiate a catalytic recycle to realize the catalytic converter scrap price.

Sell catalytic converter

To sum up, the definitive worth of a used converter is solely dependent on the presence of precious metals within and their prevailing prices on precious metals exchanges. Each used “cat” carries its distinct value, which is precisely ascertained through XRF analysis. For comprehensive information regarding the Ford D-Series catalyst, including its Manufacturer and pricing details, you can easily access the AutoCatalystMarket website. Furthermore, the platform provides a convenient means to locate nearby Buyers in your region. Opting for catalyst recycling and sale stands as a more eco-conscious alternative to mere disposal as waste.

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