With more and more cars on the road, the question of protecting the environment from exhaust gases became an issue. In the mid-70s, catalytic converters were introduced and put into production. At the moment the exhaust gas purification level corresponds to Euro standards and every car should be equipped with one. Being a consumable, the catalytic converter has a service life measured in the mileage of the car and varies from 100,000 to 150,000 kilometers on average. Catalytic converters can be sold for profit because of the precious metals that are contained inside the catalyst.

Worn cat converters can be sold to specialized buying companies. Also, on the AutoCatalystMarket you can find contacts of purchasing companies in the USA. You can find out the current cost of your catalyst on the AutoCatalystMarket website by serial number. Let's find out what value is presented on the aftermarket for used catalysts in the USA.

Why Does the Catalytic Converter Cost So Much?

The catalytic converter is located in proximity to the exhaust manifold. Underneath the shell are ceramic honeycomb cells with a catalytic layer applied to the cells. Exhaust passing through the catalyzer is heated to high temperatures and reduced to harmless substances by redox reactions when catalytic elements act on them. The catalytic layer is made using platinum group elements such as Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. They are precious metals and serve as the main component of selling the worn device having value in the form of scrap, and as the final product of recycling according to the prices of the precious metals exchange.

Price identification

To sell a used catalytic converter, you must first identify it and understand its value. For identification, you can use the AutoCatalystMarket website where you search the catalog and define your cat converter either by manufacturer or photo, but you can also enter the serial number of your unit in the search box. You can also find a buyer company on the AutoCatalystMarket website in the Buyers section to list your used catalytic converter for sale. We always have an updated database with current prices for catalytic converters. Let's go through each of the steps individually using the site.

How much does a catalytic converter cost in the USA and why it’s expensive | AutoCatalystMarket Canada — Photo № 1 | AutoCatalyst Market

How to find сat buyers near me

AutoCatalystMarket is a great way to find catalytic converter buyers near you by simply going to the Buyers section and selecting the region – USA. The company will buy and take care of all the necessary things regarding your catalytic converter.


Complete cat recycling involves a number of procedures. Initially, the ceramic honeycombs are extracted from the shell. They are then grounded, and a sample is taken to be compressed into a tablet for future analysis. This material is placed in a spectral analyzer to perform an XRF analysis to reveal the quantitative content of the precious metals Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium in the sample. We then obtain a price per kilogram of material and send the entire batch for refining. Refining is necessary to extract these precious metals from the raw, by treatment in plasma furnaces and alkalization. This way we get a pure product and can reuse it to make new catalysts and many other useful crafts. The precious metal exchange has an impact on the final value with quotes.

Thanks to our site AutoCatalystMarket, you will not need to go through the full catalytic converter recycling for its realization, because the buyer will take care of it in full. On the website, you can find out the prices according to the configuration of your catalytic converter, you can learn more about the components by following this link.

How much does a catalytic converter cost in the USA and why it’s expensive | AutoCatalystMarket Canada — Photo № 2 | AutoCatalyst Market


There are a lot of car brands and catalyst manufacturers as well, as many automotive concerns use third-party companies that base their work on making catalysts in specific. Therefore, there could be a price variation depending on your converter type and manufacturer. Catalytic converters have a division in types according to the engine and fuel used.

The most expensive catalytic converters

The most expensive catalytic converters are the ones that are installed on powerful engines. Besides, cats with the highest Co2 standards are more valuable in price. They can be found in such models as Ferrari, Lamborgini, or Mustang. Those vehicles will most likely have a more valuable catalyst which will have more value.


Properly disposing of your used catalytic converter will save you money on purchasing a new unit for your vehicle as the value lies inside and presented in Precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium contained in a ceramic honeycomb. To extract pure material a whole recycling process should be performed. Find a buyer in the USA using our AutoCatalystMarket website for your convenience which will take care of that routine for you. Here you will find offers from both B2B and B2C markets, and also get the current price of your cat, and be able to compare it with other catalysts having a wide library of data on all types of catalytic converters that exist at your disposal.