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Which catalytic converters have the most platinum

A platinum catalyst is used in many vehicles today. It is one of the main elements of the exhaust system and reduces harmful emissions. Catalyst's body is plated with precious metals, which, under certain conditions, can be extracted. However, it is difficult to predict in advance how much platinum is contained in a car catalyst. The fundamental design of catalysts has hardly changed since its inception, which cannot be said about manufacturing technologies. In recent years, thermal and aerodynamic performance has been particularly improved, resulting in improved neutralization and long-term stability. The main parts of every catalyst are housing and exhaust system made of stainless steel (expensive materials); special pads (protection and fixation for the ceramic block); support material or block (metal or ceramic); intermediate fixing layer for precious metals; catalytically active layer. The stainless steel body of a catalyst A stainless steel housing is required to provide g

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Can catalytic converter be cleaned

To neutralize toxic gases emitted from an internal combustion engine, a catalytic converter is installed in a car. Catalyst Is located at the outlet of the exhaust manifold. Although the service life of every catalyst is about 150 thousand km, changing it is rather expensive. It is too expensive if you need to buy a new item. A natural question arises whether it is possible to clean this car part and thus extend its resource. The answer is simple: cleaning is permissible, but there is no guarantee of a positive result. The problem is widespread and deserves more detailed consideration. When should you clean your catalyst? The unit, which looks like a resonator tank, is a container with two connecting pipes. There are small ceramic honeycombs covered with a catalytic layer based on precious metals (hence the high price of a spare part). Exhaust flue gases clog cells with soot and carbon deposits, gradually making catalyst impassable. Cleaning or flushing the catalyst will give a

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How catalytic converter reduce air pollution

Catalysts appeared just in the first half of the 70s and, as you know, US automakers were at the forefront here for a while. Curiously, in addition to directly reducing the toxicity of exhaust, these catalysts have dragged along with the modernization of several areas of development of the automotive industry. This was due to the very principle of their action, which, by the way, has not changed until now. For some time, and on different models, catalysts coexisted with carburetors or mechanical injection. For example, Chrysler, having burned itself with electronic fuel supply back in the 50s, was in no hurry to transfer its engines to it. But limiting norms for the content of various elements in the exhaust were approved by law. It was necessary to somehow link the catalyst and the carburetor. Ecology is the engine of progress. The metal barrel, located between the exhaust manifold and muffler-resonators, has a longitudinal honeycomb inside, where the surface is covered with a lay

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Will catalytic converter cause misfire

First of all, the catalyst is an essential part of a whole car, as well as ignition. Among many reasons for a malfunction of ignition, that can cause a misfire, the main ones are: Failure of catalyst elements of the ignition system. Armored wire, spark plugs, coil, or breaker-distributor. Also, at low temperatures in candle wells, condensation may form, which can cause "breakthrough" into a catalyst. Malfunctions in the fuel-air system can be associated with clogged dirt and deposits in injection nozzles, air and fuel filters. These ailments are manifested in the "triplet" of an engine at idle, which disappears after warming up. Low compression in all cylinders or its non-uniform distribution indicates wear of elements of a cylinder-piston group or malfunctions in the operation of gas distribution mechanism. The incorrectly adjusted valve can lead to a violation during the compression stroke of the tightness of the entire catalyst chamber. The lack of an optimal f

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